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F2548 1867 Jun 2012 TRANSATLANTIC, LANCASHIRE, IRISH, MARITIME, INSTRUCTIONAL - Stampless E/L to NEW ORLEANS 'per ASIA via QUEENSTOWN' (incl. page of PRICES CURRENT, also separate note inside) with *** rare BOSTON Br PKt OR US 32 NOTES cds and small h/s 19/CENTS credit mark on Obv., opens nicely to display Nr**** LIVERPOOL P.L.O. s.r. of the PACKET LETTER OFFICE. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £50.00 Buy
1828 1828 Jun 2012 YORKSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L charged 4 to LEEDS with *** TOO LATE (YK3086) and weak WAKEFIELD circ. mileage (creased) on Rev.) both on Rev. I HAVE THE NUMBER WRONG IN THE DATABASE - PLEASE USE F2552 IF ORDERING THIS ONE ! £12.00 Buy
F2553 1918 Jun 2012 NAVAL, LONDON - Env. with *** or better blue/green CEN(17)SOR identified as HMS TERMAGANT to ISLE OF MAN, franked pair ½d tied ***-**** LONDON BUY NATIONAL WAR BONDS NOW boxed slogan. £15.00 Buy
F2546 1916 Jun 2012 NAVAL, FRANCE, WW1 - PPC with no town d.s. only fine blue framed PASSED NAVAL CENSOR in blue - identified as from R N A S at VENDOME in FRANCE. £10.00 Buy
F2541 1858 Jun 2012 SOMERSET - Env. with 1d star (small corner fault) tied good =776= HO numeral, *** U/D/C WASHFORD on Rev., part of the arcs o'struck by parent PO pf TAUNTON. £18.00 Buy
F2542 1911 Jun 2012 SOMERSET - Birthday Greetings PPC tied ***-**** BAWDRIP, BRIDGWATER upright rubber. £8.50 Buy
F2544 1914 Jun 2012 SOMERSET - Birthday Greetings PPC tied *** or better WADEFORD, CHARD rubber....£8.00 - another Nr**** inv. strike also available on Christmas PPC of 1912, this one........... £9.00 Buy
F2545 1920 Jun 2012 SOMERSET - PPC with *** YEO MILL, DULVERTON, SOMERSET rubber on Multi-view of EASTBOURNE. £7.50 Buy
SE8892 1881 Jun 2012 ABERDEENSHIRE - 3 Small Circulars (printed in the style of hand-writing) used locally advising call on Shares, each tied good FRASERBURGH 2/bar duplex, one spiked on backflap causing some damage but text not affected, £6.50 for one or a pair for........... £12.00 Buy
SE8894 1840 Jun 2012 ROSSSHIRE - E with *** s/line PARKHILL on Rev. fold, to NEW ABBEY, DUMFRIES. £12.00 Buy
F2539 1901 Jun 2012 LANCASHIRE, CHRISTMAS - Env. used with ½d jubilee tied mainly *** STR(ETFO)RD C49 3/bar VO duplex containing Christmas Card and sent 24th DEC., name not struck in central letters. £12.50 Buy
B0922 1856 Jun 2012 RAILWAY, NORTHUMBERLAND, ANGLESEY - Env., originally sent from BEAUMARIS to BERWICK with mainly *** =58= HO numeral, showing BERWICK STATION d/arc of receipt on Rev. flap. Unfortunately mark torn through on opening although all still there, a little age toning and overall not quite *** but very hard to find in any grade. £15.00 Buy
SE3976 1857 Jun 2012 SCOTS LOCAL CANCELLATION, AYRSHIRE, BANKING - Slightly grubby Env., flap missing and trimmed a little unevenly at top edge franked 1d star tied *** NEWMIL(NS) type V SCOTS LOCAL CANCELLATION - RARITY E in ALCOCK and seldom seen - this one to EDINBURGH & GLASGOW BANK in KINROSS. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £125.00 Buy
F2528 1899 Jun 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON, POSTAL STATIONERY - ½d PS Env. canc. s.r. (date across centre between bars) alongside printed details and address of WEST MIDDLESEX WATER WORKS. £8.00 Buy
F2533 1848 Jun 2012 KENT - E with 3+ mgn 1d imperf tied =226= HO numeral of CRANBROOK, d/arc on Rev. is part o'struck in LONDON, light stain on part of address area, scarce marks both ***. £12.00 Buy
F2515 1852 Jun 2012 BRISTOL - Mourning Env. with 3 margin 1d imperf hardly tied good =134= HO numeral of BRISTOL and showing uneven **-*** Unfr. Redland/Penny Post on Rev. £15.00 Buy
F2521 1900 Jun 2012 LANCASHIRE - Small size G PS REGd. Env. with 1d lilac added canc. two sep. *** or better 2d REGISTERED, MANCHESTER ovals, intact red wax seal of E SPINNER & Co. lower right, part of back with minor toning patches. £6.50 Buy
F2495 1939 Jun 2012 PORTUGAL, ASTRONOMY - Illustrated P/C printed from ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY at COIMBRA to OBSERVATORY in LYON acknowledging publications. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £10.00 Buy
SE8880 1830 Jun 2012 KIRKCUDBRIGHTSHIRE - E/L charged 9½ to EDINBURGH showing ***-**** CASTLE/DOUGLAS/ -- D boxed MILEAGE ERASED on Rev., just off edge at a corner but will open to display. £8.00 Buy
F2510 1907 Jun 2012 ADVERTISING, LANCASHIRE - PPC (slight corner crease top right) canc. ***-**** CHORLTON CUM HARDY, MANCHESTER s.r. Message at left from P. R. O. GRESS! 'have you ever considered selling starch?' done as hand-writing but am 95% sure it is printed, addressed to DERBY. £5.00 Buy
F2511 1806 Jun 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L charged 7 to BARNSLEY Solicitor with mainly *** faded red 185 MANCHESTER circ. dated mileage (UNIQUE TYPE OF POSTMARK to Manchester) on Obv., from THOMAS FOTHERGILL on various financial matters. £12.00 Buy
F2512 1937 Jun 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON - Cover & printed letter and illustrated leaflet inside advertising the ANGLO-AMERICAN YEAR BOOK (the Letter with small piece missing for one corner and 2 edge tears but not affecting text) sent ½d KGV to USA with ***-**** WC in triangle machine cancel, their big red book for 1938 illustrated at lower right on Obv. £8.00 Buy
B5221 1909 Jun 2012 MILITARY, WW1 - (c) Seln. of WWI and earlier Military Camp postmarks, on PPCs - 1909, TIDWORTH BARRACKS/ANDOVER d.r., do but used as re-direction mark on PPC ex INDIA, 1906 and 1908 STANHOPE LINES, ALDERSHOT d.r., 1916 CATTERICK CAMP, YKS machine, 1909 FIELD POST OFFICE PERHAM DOWN CAMP d.r. - all *** or better strikes, average price per item......... £4.00 Buy
E0087 1905 Jun 2012 MILITARY, YORKSHIRE - 2 x PPC canc. ***-**** STRENSALL CAMP/YORK 3/bar VO duplex, stamp damaged at base before putting on card. Another available in same grade but slight corner creasing, PLEASE STATE ANY PREFERENCE, each............ £6.00 Buy
F2488 1893 Jun 2012 LANCASHIRE - 1893 A*F and 1899 H *P fine and Nr**** LIVERPOOL d.r. cancels with TIME CODES, both on ½d Newspaper Wrappers, offered as a pair for page............. £6.50 Buy
F2490 1901 Jun 2012 LONDON, BANKING, OVERSEAS - 2½d PSEnv. (printed oval vignette on back from NATIONAL BANK OF INDIA, 47 THREADNEEDLE STREET) up-rated with 2½d jubilee to GERMANY, peripheral creasing, **-*** and *** LONDON E.C. =5= d.r. cancels. £6.50 Buy
F2484 1850 Jun 2012 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Mourning Env. franked 3 margin 1d imperf (slightly ragged) not tied =177= HO numeral of CHELTENHAM, showing MONTPELLIER blue U/D/C on Rev., both *** or better. £15.00 Buy
F2485 1931 Jun 2012 GLAMORGANSHIRE - 2 Printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/Cs to MORRIS BOWER with ***-**** CARDIFF machine cancels, edge faults on one....£4.00, better one............ £5.00 Buy
F2486 1915 Jun 2012 SUFFOLK - Birthday PPC canc. UPWARTON, IPSWICH rubber - fair strike as under-inked, part of top name not legible. £4.00 Buy
F2470 1802 Jun 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L with *** 206/LIVERPOOL/date 3/line Unfr. type on Obv., charged 10 to CAMPBELTOWN, light folds and minor soils. VIEW THIS RARE ITEM IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
F2473 1912 Jun 2012 SUFFOLK - PPC with *** or better STOWUPLAND, STOWMARKET rubber, part top name over stamp difficult to read. £7.50 Buy
F2474 1931 Jun 2012 SUSSEX - Thunderstorm Census P/C to MORRIS BOWER canc. *** BOGNOR REGIS, SUSSEX machine, minor edge imperfections, this one not completed as the writer 'to old' (sic.). £4.00 Buy
F2475 1936 Jun 2012 SURREY - Thunderstorm Census P/C used with KGV ½d to MORRIS BOWER with ***-**** KINGSTON ON THAMES, SURREY machine. £5.00 Buy
F2479 1906 Jun 2012 DORSET - PPC with ***-**** SHERBORNE SEP 26th large skeleton, small scuffed area lower right corner of Card. £5.00 Buy
F2480 1906 Jun 2012 RAILWAY, NORTHUMBERLAND - PPC c.1906 canc. *** NORTH EASTERN T P O UP s.r. code * but the actual year has failed to ink. £6.00 Buy
F2481 1940 Jun 2012 CHANEL ISLANDS, ADHESIVE - Commercial Env. used locally with 1d GUERNSEY Occupation stamp tied ***-**** GUERNSEY machine. £6.00 Buy
C6966 1888 Jun 2012 ILLUSTRATED, WARWICKSHIRE - 3 PEN & INK ILLUSTRATED FRONTS to a Miss Menzies at various addresses, each sent with BIRMINGHAM d.r. or squared circle. VIEW A SELECTION IN OUR EBAY SHOP. They appear to have been removed from a QV scrapbook at some point, a couple are cut down further than we would ideally like but all are done to a good artistic standard depicting cat on bed, horseshoe forming address, tramp carrying her address on a notice board etc. priced from £15 to........... £25.00 Buy
E1691 1799 Jun 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, LONDON - E/L charged 1/- to LONDON with fair NORTHAMPTON (centre poor) on front (C.Cat.132) and a fine example of the red LONDON d.s. (year as '99' across Rev. fold, L11b) for NOV.30th. £20.00 Buy
E4803 1812 Jun 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - 1812 and 1813, pair of very similar E/Ls charged 10 or 1/8 to ROCHDALE (re Canal matters) each showing *** WANSFORD 80 boxed mileage at top right of Obv. (lower portion of box and figs. not fully struck) - RARITY F in C.Cat. must be a bit overdone. Each - £15.00 Buy
G2075 1813 Jun 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E/L charged 5 to OLNEY with NORTHAMPTON 66 circ. dated mileage across Rev. fold, NN135b, not quite ***. £10.00 Buy
F2461 1916 Jun 2012 SUFFOLK - PPC canc. **-*** REDEHAM, BUNGAY rubber, date not certain and top name only fair. £6.00 Buy
SE8873 1839 Jun 2012 GLASGOW - E/L to ANNAN with *** h/s 4 on Obv., tip of 4 just off edge at top, sent 16th DEC. £85.00 Buy
F2464 1891 Jun 2012 ADVERTISING, LANCASHIRE, INSURANCE - Printed SECOND NOTICE from the SUN FIRE OFFICE re unpaid insurance premium, (Pickford Brothers District Managers) sent with 1d lilac tied ***-**** EXCHANGE, LIVERPOOL d.r., printed Firm's name and address on Obv. alongside, small spike mark. £10.00 Buy
G7990 1905 Jun 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON, MACHINE - ½d PSEnv. (hint of toning/soiling, light horizontal crease hardly detracting) canc. ***-**** LONDON machine (7 straight bars to right) with large blue non pictorial panel top left of Obv. for STAPLEY & SMITH. £15.00 Buy
G4515 1902 Jun 2012 OHMS, LONDON - Small group of half a dozen or so printed OHMS Envelopes for various Depts. KEVII to early QEII, some with additional cachets - please enquire or ask for selection as we have more of these from time to time, nothing more than........... £5.00 Buy
SE7267 1896 Jun 2012 EDINBURGH, OVERSEAS - 1d Lettercard additionally franked 3 x ½d jubilees to SOUTH AFRICA canc. 3 sep. Nr**** EDINBURGH=13= d.r.'s and an attractive colour scheme, left edge has selvedge removed and a slight thin, few minor foxing spots. £7.50 Buy
F2448 1936 Jun 2012 KENT - 3 similar printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/Cs to MORRIS BOWER franked 2 diff. ½d KGV, canc. fine FOLKESTONE machine, each as they come, minor imperfections........... £5.00 Buy
F2452 1937 Jun 2012 ESSEX - 3 printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/Cs to MORRIS BOWER (one with creasing at right hand edge) sent with ***-**** WOODFORD GREEN, ESSEX machine, CHELMSFORD POST EARLY IN THE DAY slogan and fair HARLOW d.r., all completed with details on backs, priced from.....£4 to.......... £5.00 Buy
F2453 1911 Jun 2012 DEVON - PPC with FENITON, HONITON rubber cancel, the year not certain but rest *** if slightly under-inked. £7.50 Buy
F2455 1916 Jun 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC canc. inv. *** BISHOPS STORTFORD large skeleton for 10th FEB. £5.00 Buy
F2457 1915 Jun 2012 ESSEX - PPC canc. SAFFRON WALDEN upright large skeleton, part of letters 'WA' and section of rim just off top edge o'wise ***-**** example dated 2nd October. £5.00 Buy
F2445 1931 Jun 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - Printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/Cs to MORRIS BOWER - 1931 **-*** LETCHWORTH HERTS machine, 1933 ***-**** HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, HERTS machine, 1933 *** HITCHIN, HERTS machine (edge fault) and 1938, ***-**** WATFORD, HERTS machine for 1938 - prices vary from £4 to.......... £5.00 Buy
SE8869 1931 Jun 2012 DUMFRIESSHIRE - Printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/C to MORRIS BOWER canc. 2 x **-*** ANNAN, DUMFRIES-SHIRE d.r.'s, completed on back from SHAWHILL. £4.00 Buy
F2441 1910 Jun 2012 ENGLISH ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN, CACHET - PPC with 50% DOUGLAS s.r. alongside fine SNAEFELL SUMMIT IOM dated upright diamond cachet. £8.00 Buy
F2438 1855 May 2012 LONDON - Env. with 1d star (smudgy numeral cancel) and showing ***-**** CHARING-CROSS yellow d/arc on Rev., to EDINBURGH. £12.50 Buy
SE8868 1839 May 2012 GLASGOW, BANKING - E/L from Bankers WILLIAM NAPIER & Co. to the RBOFS in EDINBURGH with fine h/s 4 of GLASGOW on Obv. during the 5 week period of the UNIFORM 4d POST. £95.00 Buy
F2433 1909 May 2012 GLAMORGANSHIRE - PPC canc. fine PENARTH AUG 2nd upright large skeleton, view of Cardiff castle. £6.00 Buy
SE8860 1856 May 2012 DUMFRIESSHIRE - Env. with 1d star tied mainly *** (first numeral shows only a trace) =303= (4/4/4 bars) numeral of SANQUHAR, interestingly sent via CARLISLE to get to Banker in ECCLEFECHAN, stamp and mark creased but has good U/D/C KIRKCONNEL on Rev. £20.00 Buy
SE8861 1853 May 2012 FIFE, OVERSEAS - Env. to ROME with ***-**** CUPAR FIFE boxed d.s. lower left on Obv. in grey/green and green ***-**** U/D/C LETHAM on Rev. I can see no evidence of pre-payment but also no trace of a stamp having been removed. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £30.00 Buy
SE8863 1819 May 2012 ARGYLLSHIRE - E charged 10 to HAMILTON PALACE with 2/line CAMPBEL/TON 536-G boxed mileage on Rev. (figs. badly o'inked but rest *** and scarce to find), no Addl½d charge on this one, fair GLASGOW 405-G d.r. dated mileage struck in transit on Obv. £7.50 Buy
F2426 1907 May 2012 GLAMORGANSHIRE - PPC (central vertical crease) tied ABERDEARE skeleton for SEP 30th, fine except small part of rim not struck. £6.00 Buy
F2412 1948 May 2012 KENT - Pair of Envs. sent 1d rate with Nr**** MAIDSTONE, KENT machine cancels, each with a different MERRY CHRISTMAS or GREETING illustrated seal added top left, offered as a pair for.......... £6.00 Buy
SE8856 1907 May 2012 SCOTTISH ISLANDS, ORKNEY - PPC with inv. but fine SANDAY, KIRKWALL s.r. to KIRKWALL. £9.00 Buy
F2419 1949 May 2012 ADHESIVE, CHESHIRE, SPORT - Plain FDC used locally with set of OLYMPIC comems. tied *** or better MACCLESFIELD, CHESHIRE =1= d.r.'s for 29th JULY. £10.00 Buy
F2421 1902 May 2012 DORSET - PPCs with different diam. SWANAGE, DORSET skeletons 1902 **** inverted strike JULY 11th £6.00 and ***-**** for 1928 10th JULY for......... £5.00 Buy
F2423 1835 May 2012 LONDON - 1835 and 1836 Similar E/Ls between Solicitors in LONDON to NORWICH and PLYMOUTH each with ***-**** large red VS/date/year 'M/X' type despatch d.s. on Rev., each............ £10.00 Buy
F2405 1840 May 2012 FREE MAIL, SURREY - FRONT & ONE BACKFLAP sent JAN 7th in 4d Post franked 'Albemarle' with 80% KINGSTON d/arc on Rev. £8.00 Buy
SE8847 1943 May 2012 GLASGOW, OVERSEAS, MILITARY, WW2 - Airletter franked 6d with ***-**** GLASGOW machine to RHA MEF. £3.00 Buy
F2396 1836 May 2012 DORSET - E/L charged 4 to CHARD (small spike mark in centre of address) with ***-**** small LYME U/D/C on Rev. which will open nicely to display. £12.50 Buy
F2397 1840 May 2012 STAFFORDSHIRE - Env. with ***-**** reddish brown NEWCASTLE UNDER LINE d/arc on Obv., just affected by small tone patch. £5.00 Buy
F2398 1906 May 2012 DEVON - PPC (close up view The Butterwalk, TOTNES) canc. fine Nr**** TEIGNMOUTH skeleton for MAY 18th. £5.00 Buy
SE8848 1922 May 2012 ANGUS - PPC canc. ARBIRLOT, ARBROATH rubber, top name only fair but rest *** (date better) and scarce. £7.50 Buy
SE8849 1930 May 2012 MORAYSHIRE - PPC (distant overall view over the town) with ***-**** GRANTOWN ON SPEY upright skeleton for 26th JULY, part rim not struck. £7.00 Buy
F2383 1918 May 2012 DORSET - Christmas Wishes PPC canc. STOURTON CAUNDLE, BLANDFORD rubber, top name *** at best but date and lower name better. £7.00 Buy
F2388 1806 May 2012 DORSET - E/L charged 9 to LONDON with *** WEYMOUTH 131 boxed mileage on Rev., exact year not certain. £12.50 Buy
F2389 1833 May 2012 LONDON, INSURANCE - Printed LAW LIFE ASSURANCE Circ. advising General Meeting, pre-paid 10 to CHARD (small spike mark lower right) with poor double fr. High/Holborn r/House on Obv. alongside fine red PAID s.r. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £10.00 Buy
F2391 1905 May 2012 DORSET - PPC (Wimborne Minister) canc. *** WINTERBOURNE ZELSTONE, BLANDFORD violet rubber slightly o'struck by Nr**** BLANDFORD d.r. £7.00 Buy
F2392 1814 May 2012 CHESHIRE - E/L charged 11 to LONDON with *** CHESTER o 190 o circ. dated mileage struck sideways on Obv. 30mm diam. It has been endorsed on back 'opened E A' which seems to have been by the addressee? £10.00 Buy
F2377 1836 May 2012 FREE MAIL, MILITARY, LONDON - FRONT printed 'ADJUTANT GENERAL's OFFICE' and OHMS with mainly *** double rim CROWN FREE (code + below for 31st OCT.) counter-signed by Officer lower left, to the PAYMASTER of 63rd REGIMENT at ALNWICK. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £10.00 Buy
F2381 1828 May 2012 DORSET - E/L charged 4 to POOLE with light but legible *** U/D/C WIMBORNE on Rev. which will open to display both sides. £10.00 Buy
F2384 1906 May 2012 DORSET - Pair of PPCs with fine SHERBORNE upright skeletons, SEP 13th and OCT 2nd if you have any preference, each....... £5.00 Buy
G1640 1962 May 2012 BERKSHIRE, FDC - Plain Cover with hand-written address franked NPY set, all tied Nr**** CHILTON FOLIAT, HUNGERFORD, BERKS d.r's for 14th NOV = FIRST DAY OF ISSUE. £5.00 Buy
F2367 1916 May 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON - P/C from HEATHMAN's LADDER WORKS to Sweden with half of each side taken up showing various ladders, canc. poor machine. There are 3 punch holes at top including one through the stamp which have been filled in with paper and a strip of magic tape added to keep them in place, offered thus at half price if fine & undamaged. £5.00 Buy
F2368 1924 May 2012 ADHESIVE, ESSEX - PPC showing St PAUL's Cathedral, franked 1d Wembley tied ***-**** SOUTHEND ON SEA machine. £5.00 Buy
F2370 1938 May 2012 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Smallest size F PS REGd. Env. up-rated with 1d to GERMANY canc. SUSSEX PLACE W2 s.r.'s fair to good strikes. £5.00 Buy
G3187 1822 May 2012 MARITIME, HAMPSHIRE, INSURANCE - Partly printed E/L (medical questionnaire page only now being returned to Ins. Co., the introductory sheet now missing) ex HAVRE LE GRACE in FRANCE, charged 1/7 to NORWICH UNION INSURANCE OFFICE in LONDON, showing poor to fair rect. framed SOUTHAMPTON/SHIP LETTER in green (much not struck, part o'struck by LONDON arrival s.r. and a little over the fold) - for research only although quite scarce as a Ship Letter. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
SE8836 1946 May 2012 SCOTTISH ISLANDS, ORKNEY, ROSSSHIRE - Pair of Envs to and from same persons - Un-dated Letter from RNAS STATION in KIRKWALL canc. partial red (POST) OFFICE MARITIME MAIL machine to HASTINGS, the other dated 1946 from RNAS in FEARN, fair d.r. Would like to keep these as a pair for............. £18.00 Buy
E9393 1878 May 2012 LONDON, OVERSEAS, ADHESIVE - Env. franked 2½d rosy mauve plate 10, tied ***-**** LONDON SE16 duplex (split CENTRE in top bars type) to Hotel in SWITZERLAND. Small opening faults top corner edge, flap torn but all there. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
F2349 1823 Apr 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L pre-paid 7 to Surveyor in HUDDERSFIELD from R RUSHFORTH (seeking plans of ground outline for un-named mill) with red encircled PAID/AT/MANCHESTER (M122) on Obv., MANCHESTER 185 circ. dated mileage in matching ink (M70) on Rev., both ***-**** and opens to display well. £15.00 Buy
F2353 1849 Apr 2012 DORSET - E/L with 4 margin 1d imperf but poor illegible numeral cancel, showing *** U/D/C STURMINSTER on Rev., slightly affected by small ink offsets (Office under BLANDFORD). £15.00 Buy
F2356 1836 Apr 2012 YORKSHIRE - E pre-paid 7 to HUDDERSFIELD with **-*** oval framed red PAID/AT/WAKEFIELD under-inked but scarce and well placed on Obv., clean and uncreased. £10.00 Buy
F2347 1931 Apr 2012 LINCOLNSHIRE - Pair of similar printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/Cs to MORRIS BOWER with HORSINGTON, LINCOLN rubbers, generally ***-**** but with odd poor or o'inked letters. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS PAIR IN OUR EBAY SHOP, 2 items for.......... £15.00 Buy
F2345 1833 Apr 2012 BERKSHIRE - c.1833 (wmk) E/L pre-paid 4 to HIGHWORTH, *** U/D/C FARRINGDON on Rev. £9.00 Buy
F2338 1931 Apr 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC with AYOT St. LAWRENCE, WELWYN, HERTS sideways strike rubber, part rim has failed to ink at top but lettering mainly Nr****. £8.50 Buy
F2339 1910 Apr 2012 RAILWAY, LANCASHIRE - PPC with ***-**** MIDDLETON JUNCTION s.r. £6.00 Buy
F2340 1913 Apr 2012 MIDDLESEX - PPC (fine RP of WHITE CITY, MANCHESTER) canc. fine virt. **** BRENTFORD skeleton for APR 7th, last owner says only date known. £7.50 Buy
F2336 1804 Apr 2012 SUSSEX - E/L charged 5 to LONDON with *** HORSHAM 41 boxed mileage on Obv., a little under-inked. £9.00 Buy
F2327 1883 Apr 2012 ADHESIVE, YORKSHIRE - Part of longer Env. (cut down at left to 6 x 5" size) with halfpenny green and RARE 3d on 3d red o/printed (Cat. £350 on Cover) tied single ***-**** BEDALE 3/bar VO duplex, **-*** LEYBURN Sub PO at left, would have gone REGISTERED at this postal rate but all the evidence lost except one blue line. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS RARE COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £75.00 Buy
F2316 1831 Apr 2012 SUSSEX - E/L charged 7 to LONDON with *** HORSHAM s/line on Rev., part o'struck by red arrival cds but quite clear. £10.00 Buy
F2319 1917 Apr 2012 DORSET - PPC with PARKSTONE, DOR(S)ET 28th MAR upright large skeleton, fine but the R in DORSET shows not a trace! £5.00 Buy
F2325 1910 Apr 2012 DORSET - PPC tied bold ***-**** STOWER ROW, SHAFTESBURY violet rubber, fine strike just a shade o'inked. £10.00 Buy
F2326 1921 Apr 2012 LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS - Smallest size F PS Regd. Env. with 1d added to USA, fair to good FORMBY small s.r. cancels and v.neat. £5.00 Buy
F2310 1916 Apr 2012 DORSET - PPC with SWANAGE SO POOLE skeleton for 9th SEP., small part of SO and rim just off edge o'wise ***-****. £5.00 Buy
F2311 1914 Apr 2012 DORSET - PPC with fine virt. **** upright WIMBORNE skeleton for 7th APR. £5.00 Buy
SE8827 1905 Apr 2012 RAILWAY, LONDON - Env. sent 1d rate with double struck LONDON =98= d.r. to EDINBURGH from STOCK & SHARE BROKERS showing under-inked EDINr & NEWCASTLE SORTING TENDER s.r. code D on Rev. £6.00 Buy
F2313 1850 Apr 2012 DORSET - E/L with almost 4 margin 1d tied =87= HO numeral of BLANDFORD (slightly o'inked at top) and has U/D/C STURMINS(TER) on Rev., part of the arcs and final 3 letters have more or less failed to ink - o'wise both markings ***. £15.00 Buy
F2315 1825 Apr 2012 LONDON, INSTRUCTIONAL, GERMAN STATES - E/L charged a hefty 6/8 to HUTH in LONDON with *** BREMEN/KEY d.r. on Obv. and *** or better Unfr. Oz at 6s/8d per Oz h/s top left - RARE as nice as this example. £50.00 Buy
E4363 1933 Apr 2012 RAILWAY, INSTRUCTIONAL - Env. (slight opening faults with small areas of backflap missing), endorsed 'late fee' canc. two sep. *** and slightly better strikes SOUTH WESTERN T.P.O. NGHT UP s.r's. (W433) Slight central foxing patch but quite scarce with the extra halfpenny stamp added. £10.00 Buy
SD2438 1850 Apr 2012 EDINBURGH, SOCIAL HISTORY - Printed REGISTER HOUSE circular (regarding Factory Accounts in much detail) sent with *** PAID at EDINr s/arc on front, some creasing but a piece of Industrial History for someone. £12.00 Buy
G9211 1830 Apr 2012 ITALIAN STATES - We currently have more than 50 ITALIAN pre-stamp E/Ls with various markings used over a period of about 50 or 60 years going back into late 18th c. If you would like a selection on approval please enquire as to what's left, good range of towns and postal markings - average price per item for the Pre-stamp........... £8.00 Buy
F2303 1948 Apr 2012 ADHESIVE, CAMBRIDGESHIRE - Plain Env. with set of OLMYPICS commems tied single Nr**** central GIRTON, CAMBRIDGE d.r. 29th JULY, local ink address. £10.00 Buy
F2305 1833 Apr 2012 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - E charged 8 to LUDLOW showing GLOUCESTER circ. mileage erased on Rev., not 100% certain of final digit but rest *** or better. £5.00 Buy
F2298 1905 Apr 2012 HAMPSHIRE - PPC of STONEHENGE canc. FAWLEY, SOUTHAMPTON skeleton dated AUG 24th, top name only **-*** but rest fine. £6.00 Buy
F2301 1944 Apr 2012 SOUTH AFRICA - Airletter franked small 6d to LONDON canc. fair PORT ELIZABETH continuous slogan with fine violet oval framed B.T.A. alongside - not sure what this may mean. £8.00 Buy
F2302 1943 Apr 2012 ADVERTISING, MEDICAL, LONDON, WW2 - Env. with good LONDON slogan showing fine large d.r. cachet in red BRITISH RED CROSS AND St. JOHN WAR ORGANISATION top left on Obv. £7.00 Buy
F2291 1918 Apr 2012 SOMERSET - PPC (good printed view of the Market at Wells) canc. ***-**** WELLS, SOMERSET large skeleton. £6.00 Buy
F2294 1906 Apr 2012 HAMPSHIRE - PPC with close up col. view HARNHAM GATE, SALISBURY canc. ***-**** BROCKENHURST S O large skeleton for JULY 19th, much of rim has failed to ink. £6.00 Buy
F2277 1923 Apr 2012 RAILWAY, KENT, LONDON, POSTAGE - Env. (faint pencil address for one of the KING brothers seems at least partly erased or faded away to almost nothing) sent un-stamped with fine LONDOB-DOVER R.S.C. d.r., h/s 1d and 1d Postage Due cancelled Nr**** LEWISHAM s.r. - VERY RARE TPO with few examples known. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £250.00 Buy
F2286 1916 Apr 2012 LANCASHIRE, WW1, OVERSEAS, CENSORSHIP - Env. sent 3d to USA with OPENED BY CENSOR 1532 (small piece torn away, covering up most of the stamp) with AIGBURTH, LIVERPOOL s.r.'s (fine one on Rev.) sent REGISTERED. Cover with opening faults but complete. £6.00 Buy
F2288 1903 Apr 2012 SOMERSET - PPC canc. fine Nr**** WELLS, SOM skeleton for DEC 30th. £6.00 Buy
F2290 1916 Apr 2012 SOUTH WEST AFRICA, CENSORSHIP, WW1 - Env. ex BANK (backflap missing) with fair and ***-**** LUDDERNZBUCHT d.r. cancels, the stamps also tied by good blue bi-lingual framed PASSED BY CENSOR, to NEW YORK. £6.00 Buy
E1526 1902 Apr 2012 RAILWAY, KENT - PPC canc. inv. Nr**** NORTH EASTERN T.P.O. UP s.r. code *, printed view of watercolour painting of TYNEMOUTH by Frank Mason on front, to SMARDEN. £10.00 Buy
E8476 1958 Apr 2012 FLIGHT, OVERSEAS, LONDON - 27th OCT. ILLUSTRATED FIRST FLIGHT BOAC cover to CARACAS, VENEZUELA franked 5d and 10d Wildings, tied ***-**** LONDON F S 'CIVIL DEFENCE IS COMMON SENSE' slogan, CARACAS machine arrival on back. £7.50 Buy
SE3993 1872 Apr 2012 RAILWAY, GLASGOW, CUMBERLAND - Mourning Env. franked scarce 1d Plate 129 tied Unfr. GLASGOW-CARLISLE SORTING TENDER 3/bar duplex (code 2) bars and numeral mostly poor, name and date circle ***. £20.00 Buy
G2950 1865 Apr 2012 LANCASHIRE, RAILWAY, EDINBURGH, CUMBERLAND - E franked 6d Plate 5 (straight edge at left, tiny faults/creasing top where placed a shade over edge) well tied ***-**** =466= HO numeral, *** faded red oval REGISTERED/LIVERPOOL lower left and endorsed 'Registered' for good measure top left, to EDINBURGH and has *** EDINr. M 2 s.r. TPO (685) on Rev. £20.00 Buy
F0602 1940 Apr 2012 ADHESIVE, LANCASHIRE - Plain FDC with local hand-written address franked Centenary values set all tied fair to good GRANGE OVER SANDS LANCS d.r.'s for 6th MAY. A little carelessly opened at top damaging the 1½d stamp which has a small tear, addressed to a young man who perhaps was not aware of the significance! £10.00 Buy
E9032 1868 Apr 2012 RAILWAY, ADVERTISING - c.1868 1d Pink PS ADVERTISING RINGS for W H SMITH & SON, STRAND, LONDON, cut out (square) on PIECE from wrappers, canc. =C68= 4/bar VO numerals of LONDON & DOVER TPO, fairly good strikes, 4 examples available, none is *** but a little out of the ordinary. Offered as they come as Cat. £200 on Cover by Parmenter and £10 just cancelling a loose stamp each - £15.00 Buy
F2260 1954 Apr 2012 LONDON, OVERSEAS, CACHET, POLITICAL - Stampless Env. embossed HOUSE OF COMMONS vignette on back, sent airmail to SOUTH AFRICA, fine HOUSE OF COMMONS CROWN SPEAKER upright violet oval cachet and fine inv. OFFICIAL PAID LONDON SW1 =7= d.r. £6.00 Buy
SE8821 1944 Apr 2012 AYRSHIRE - PS REGd. Env. small size G with 3 sep. *** KILMARNOCK, AYRSHIRE s.r.'s, small area lower right on flap torn away not affecting any postmarks. £3.50 Buy
F2263 1848 Apr 2012 LONDON, MEDICAL - E (no side flaps) franked Nr 4 margin 1d imperf. tied ***-**** =60= in oval bars alongside fine red Charles St. Middx Hospl. s/line Sub PO which I have not seen for some years. £15.00 Buy
F2265 1925 Apr 2012 LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS - c.1925 PPC sent 1d rate to USA, the stamp unusually tied by inv. ***-**** (MA)NCHESTER violet s/line. £20.00 Buy
F2266 1921 Apr 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC with ***-**** WE...???, ROYSTON, HERTS upright rubber, can't quite make out the last 3 letters in top name but looks like Y at the end - date weak but rest ***-****. £8.50 Buy
F2267 1926 Apr 2012 ADVERTISING, WARWICKSHIRE - Env. with BRITISH PENS - PEDIGREE WORKS in BIRMINGHAM printed address and details top left on Obv., fine BRITISH GOODS ARE BEST slogan of BIRMINGHAM. £3.50 Buy
F2269 1826 Apr 2012 BERKSHIRE - E/L charged 7 to BOURTON ON THE WATER with *** (A)BINGDON U/D/C with mileage erased on Rev. £12.00 Buy
F2273 1902 Apr 2012 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Small size G PS REGd. Env. (slightly toned) to SWITZERLAND up-rated with 1d and halfpenny (fault) all nicely tied fine inv. REGISTERED, 47 CANNON St. B.O. E.C. ovals. £6.00 Buy
F2274 1815 Apr 2012 LONDON, INSURANCE - Printed NORWICH UNION Insurance questionnaire with ***-**** Unfr. oval Two Py Poft/Unpaid/Blandford St. on Obv. alongside Nr**** tall h/s 2. £12.50 Buy
F2254 1912 Apr 2012 DORSET - PPC (creasing) canc. *** or better LONG BREDY, DORCHESTER upright rubber. £7.00 Buy
F2246 1977 Mar 2012 ILLUSTRATED, OXFORDSHIRE - Env. with delightful printed illustration of man rowing boat looking out to more distant craft, pen and ink originally, used with fine BANBURY, OXON slogan 9p rate - seldom seen so nicely done on modern mail. £3.00 Buy
SE8815 1915 Mar 2012 ADVERTISING, GLASGOW - P/C with left half of Obv. giving printed details of MASCO CABINET & BEDDING Co. - manufacturers of furniture, bedding and mattresses sent halfpenny rate to KEIGHLEY with order for 2 pieces E P TICK? possibly some sort of textile? *** EASTERN D.O. GLASGOW d.r. £5.00 Buy
F2240 1830 Mar 2012 BERKSHIRE - E/L charged 8 then 9 to BASINGSTOKE with *** or better small U/D/C ABINGDON just a little over Rev. fold and light o'struck on 4 letters by LONDON transit d.s. £8.00 Buy
B1152 1818 Mar 2012 LANCASHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL, FREE MAIL, YORKSHIRE - E sent with poor CROWN FREE and *** SETTLE 241 boxed mileage on Obv., clearly addressed to WEYMOUTH (then re-directed to EXMOUTH) but has managed to collect a red oval h/s MISSENT/TO/MANCHESTER applied at lower left **-*** overall but RARE, light filing fold hardly detracts. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £45.00 Buy
F2234 1924 Mar 2012 EXHIBITION, LONDON - Env. with penny halfpenny Wembley commem. tied ***-**** EALING W5 machine. £10.00 Buy
D3015 1836 Mar 2012 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - E/L charged 10 to LONDON (Nr**** red G:P. scored through on Obv.) sent with mainly *** BINGHAM date s/line across Rev. fold, the centre letters poor and o'struck by fine red London arrival d.s., a RARE mark which I have not listed before, CCat.20 in the Nottinghamshire section. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £35.00 Buy
SE4805 1859 Mar 2012 AYRSHIRE - Env. (horizontal crease just below adhesive) franked 1d star tied IRVINE 3/bar duplex (rather faint) and showing partly o'inked but scarce small rect. framed local of DREGHORN in green on Rev., marks only fair so for research rather than a medal winner, to the Inspector of Poor at KILWINNING. £10.00 Buy
F1741 1922 Mar 2012 ESSEX - PPC canc. *** or better GREAT TEY, KELVEDON, ESSEX upright rubber. I got the wording wrong in our February list KELVEDON rather weak. £7.50 Buy
F2226 1855 Mar 2012 CUMBERLAND - Env. (creased through stamp and =606= HO numeral of PENRITH) to INSPECTOR of POOR in ANNAN, blue/green U/D/C KIRKOSWALD on Rev., both markings ***. £15.00 Buy
SE0347 1857 Mar 2012 RENFREWSHIRE - Env. (adhesion faults on front have removed part of address area) franked lightly creased 1d star and tied ***-**** =188= (4/5/4 bars, small part off top edge) of JOHNSTONE, showing fine Nr**** blue U/D/C HOUSTON on Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £18.00 Buy
F2215 1912 Mar 2012 DEVON - PPC canc. IDDESLEIGH, WINKLEIGH S.O., DEVON - lowest line weak o'wise ***-****. £7.50 Buy
F2220 1838 Mar 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - E/L charged 6 to Architect NASH at ROYSTON, with fair No.1 boxed r/House alongside ***-**** framed Ware/Penny Post and WARE d/arc all on Rev., the PP just grazing edge on the P of PENNY with the end section of frame line lost, some minor rust spotting and soils on front but last changed hands at £40 from another dealer so a scarce one. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
F2223 1921 Mar 2012 LINCOLNSHIRE - PPC (Pierrots at Mablethorpe, slight creasing/minor surface marks) canc. Nr**** WELBOURN, LINCOLN upright rubber. £8.00 Buy
F2208 1819 Mar 2012 YORKSHIRE - E/L written at WELHAM (including a page of instruction on how to word aPower of Attorney matter) charged 5 to DRIFFIELD with mainly *** MALTON 214 mileage between lines on Obv., under-inked with small archival tape inside lower fold. £7.50 Buy
F2209 1835 Mar 2012 LONDON - E/L charged 1/8 then 2/2 to ALNWICK with framed Holborn/Hill on Rev., first couple letters in top name poor but o'wise mainly ***, just affected by closed edge tear across the 'n'. £7.50 Buy
F2210 1854 Mar 2012 LONDON, WARWICKSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - Env. with 1d star illegible LEAMINGTON numeral, to HURST GREEN with m/s 2 charge for OVERWEIGHT and red Nr**** encircled MORE TO PAY X added in transit at LONDON on Obv., Cover with horizontal crease lower right not affecting stamp, a little grubby. £10.00 Buy
F2203 1916 Mar 2012 SOMERSET, ITALY - PPC sent from ROME (man ploughing with oxen) re-directed with Nr**** SHEPTON MALLET skeleton for 19th JULY, o'striking fine ROMA machine cancel but all quite clear, to Hospital in BRISTOL. £6.00 Buy
F2205 1908 Mar 2012 SUSSEX - PPC canc. CROWBO(....)O?.. which I am pretty sure is CROWBOROUGH but I can't seem to make the missing letters quite fit, part rim unstruck and date 4th has no month struck but what is there is ***-****. £4.00 Buy
F2207 1911 Mar 2012 BERKSHIRE - PPC with DEN(CHWORTH), WANTAGE rubber, parts *** but much of top line has failed to ink. £5.00 Buy
F2189 1815 Mar 2012 BERKSHIRE - c.1815 Un-dated E/L (another page missing) charged 5 to READING with *** or better HUNGERFORD 68 boxed mileage, a few letters ink clogged but all clear of writing on Obv. £10.00 Buy
F2190 1905 Mar 2012 SUFFOLK - PPC with *** BEALINGS? WOODBRIDGE s.r. (part rim off edge) inv. top left, the stamp tied fine WOODBRIDGE large skeleton for JUNE 27th. £6.00 Buy
F2192 1829 Mar 2012 BERKSHIRE - E/L charged 8 to LONDON with ***-**** small U/D/C ABINGDON on Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £10.00 Buy
F2193 1906 Mar 2012 MIDDLESEX - PPC (col. close up view of 'JORDANS' a large house in BUCKS) canc. UXBRIDGE skeleton for SEPt. 11th, lettering only partly struck but centre date stronger, mainly ***. £4.50 Buy
F2195 1888 Mar 2012 MACHINE CANCELLATION, LONDON, ADVERTISING - 1d Pink PS Env. with embossed vignette for Firm on flap, canc. *** LONDON HOSTER machine, as usual weakish on part of LONDON with few letters failing to strike. £10.00 Buy
G1334 1897 Mar 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON, OVERSEAS - Env. franked jubilee twopence halfpenny tied mainly *** LONDON HOODED d.s. to SWITZERLAND, advertising in red panel down left of Obv. THE UNITED BERLIN-FRANKFORT INDIA RUBBER COMPANY and with pictorial vignette x 3 on Reverse illustrating their German Factories. The Cover trimmed a little at top but still quite spectacular if not pristine - worth double if complete and fine. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £35.00 Buy
F2183 1867 Mar 2012 LONDON - Pair of similar printed E/Ls endorsed OHMS from LEGACY DUTY DEPt. of the INLAND REVENUE, sent to LIVERPOOL or DRIFFIELD with ***-**** octagonal framed red LONDON EC/OFFICIAL/PAID/d.s. on Obv., state any preference, each.......... £6.00 Buy
F2184 1938 Mar 2012 INDIA, IRELAND - 1938/40 We have half a dozen Envs. all to same person in Co LEITRIM with a good variety of India stamps and cancels, ask for further details or we can send on appro., priced per item from................ £4.00 Buy
F2187 1906 Mar 2012 BERKSHIRE - PPC canc. poor COOKHAM RISE d.r. but alongside is Nr**** crisp COOKHAM DEAN BOTTOM, COOKHAM RISE S.O., BERKS upright rubber to CHEQUERS HOTEL in HALSTEAD, slight smudging on part of address but an excellent strike of the rubber AND clear of writing. £10.00 Buy
F2179 1906 Mar 2012 RAILWAY, YORKSHIRE - PPC (white horse at Hambledon carved into the hillside) to ULVERSTON canc. ***-*** YORK & SCARBORO S.T. s.r. slightly o'wrtn. by first line in address. £15.00 Buy
F2177 1921 Mar 2012 KENT - Birthday Greetings PPC sent penny halfpenny rate with fine GRAVESEND skeleton for 14th OCTOBER. £6.00 Buy
SE8802 1959 Mar 2012 ABERDEENSHIRE, ADHESIVE, EXHIBITION - Env. sent REGISTERED with Scottish regionals totalling 1/3d tied two sep. ***-*** RHAS ABERDEEN skeletons dated JULY 25th. £7.50 Buy
F2159 1830 Mar 2012 MIDDLESEX - Un-dated FRONT charged 8 to AYLESBURY with *** or better framed Southall/Penny Post alongside badly o'inked boxed No 3? Receiving House, a RARITY F Penny Post, a great pity we dont know the date - MX241. £15.00 Buy
F2161 1921 Mar 2012 LEICESTERSHIRE - PPC sent penny halfpenny rate with QUENIBOROUGH, LEICESTER rubber (top name clear *** or better, date v.weak and the lower name has all but disappeared), fine col. view of Municipal Buildings, LEICESTER. £5.00 Buy
F2166 1921 Mar 2012 LANCASHIRE, POSTAGE DUE - PPC (unidentified view of large house) posted unpaid with good MANCHESTER machine and has *** or better SWINTON, MANCHESTER rubber on 1d postage due, good h/s 1/TO PAY/49(8) alongside. £6.50 Buy
F2170 1905 Mar 2012 HAMPSHIRE - PPC with *** NORTH SWAY C(A)MP SO skeleton dated ...8 - NO MONTH STRUCK! (part of SWAY off edge and the Y v.weak). We have another fuller strike for AUG 8th but NO YEAR STRUCK ! and may be different to the other one listed as the spacing wide between S and O - state any preference, each...... £6.00 Buy
F2172 1911 Mar 2012 HAMPSHIRE, MILITARY - PPC (military man getting thrown off horse into the water) canc. B(OUR)L(E)Y C(A)MP ALTERSHOT skeleton for 10th AUGUST - several letters have failed to ink but what is there is ***-**** so the handstamp very unevenly constructed at PO stores! £8.00 Buy
F2175 1906 Mar 2012 LANCASHIRE - PPC canc. SWINTON, MANCHESTER skeleton for AUG 7th, top name only fair but rest and date all fine, parts of rim have failed to strike. £5.00 Buy
G1010 1819 Mar 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E/L charged 5d to MARKET HARBOROUGH with (NO)RTHAMPTON o 66 o circ. dated mileage across Rev. fold, mainly ***, year and couple letters poor. £8.00 Buy
G9292 1825 Mar 2012 LONDON, LANCASHIRE, INSURANCE, INSTRUCTIONAL - Insurance Questionnaire (the introductory page missing) to the NORWICH UNION LIFE OFFICE in LIVERPOOL answering queries on the health and habits of a Miss ELIZA TAYLOR, charged 11 to LIVERPOOL but has been scored through and no sign of any other rate. There is a fair LIVERPOOL circ. dated mileage on Rev. alongside *** rect. fr. MISSENT TO/LONDON (L232a) alongside which will open nicely to display - a bit of a puzzle here. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £45.00 Buy
E2798 1810 Mar 2012 DERBYSHIRE - E charged 9 to LONDON with **-*** ASHBOURNE 139 mileage between lines, a bit light on several letters to left but well placed at top right of Obv. £7.50 Buy
G8821 1897 Mar 2012 DERBYSHIRE, RAILWAY - ½d PSPC printed on back for NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE & MID DERBYSHIRE RAILWAY (assenting or dissenting from a proposal acknowledgements) canc. fine Nr**** WIRKSWORTH squared circle. £5.00 Buy
F2153 1899 Mar 2012 LONDON - Env. with original letter inside sent locally within LONDON with inv. ***-**** oval framed EXPRESS on Obv., some flap faults and has been repaired by an expert, minor edge imperfections and peripheral surface marks, no sign of adhesives or cash pre-payment. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £35.00 Buy
F2136 1813 Mar 2012 CHESHIRE - E/L ex BIDDULPH charged 8 to CHESTER with under-inked **-*** LAWTO(N) 156 boxed mileage struck vert. on Obv., final letter off edge. £10.00 Buy
F2137 1840 Mar 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L (another page missing) with **-*** Unfr. Crosby/Penny Post on Obv. o'struck by LIVERPOOL orange d/arc to DUBLIN. £15.00 Buy
F2138 1914 Mar 2012 ADVERTISING, DEVON - Env. sent 1d rate (backflap missing) canc. inv. fair and Nr**** TAVISTOCK d.r.'s, printed details and address top left of Obv. for PEARCE BROS., Machinery Merchants. £4.00 Buy
F2139 1857 Mar 2012 LONDON - Env. with 1d star tied WC/2 circ. barred numeral, blue small U/D/C GREAT RUSSELL St. BLOOMy. on Rev., both ***, minor soils/edge imperfections. £15.00 Buy
F2140 1930 Mar 2012 EXHIBITION, DEVON, OVERSEAS - 2 similar Plain P/cs sent halfpenny rate to USA with ***-**** 17th PHILATELIC CONGRESS TORQUAY DEVON special large d.r. cancels, 24th and 25th JUN available in case you have any preference, each........... £6.00 Buy
E2687 1833 Mar 2012 WORCESTERSHIRE - E/L ex LONGDON charged 10 to LONDON (re cloth sales) sent with fine U/D/C UPTON on Rev., poor part red framed Tewkesbury? Penny Post strike on front. £10.00 Buy
SD3557 1970 Mar 2012 (c) Unusual little collection of MAIL BAG TAGS x 75 almost all from DINGWALL to various parts of the UK, not something you can go out and easily put together again although relatively modern vintage. These can be offered at £2 each for anyone wanting one or two examples but would prefer to offer the whole lot as a collection for........... £90.00 Buy
SE3723 1905 Mar 2012 ABERDEENSHIRE - Batch of green PARCEL BILL (IN LETTER BAG) PO Forms to KEITH with fine HUNTLY d.r., measures about 9 x 6" and were priced £14 each when they first came on the market about 20 years ago, each............ £5.00 Buy
G2817 1930 Mar 2012 SWEDEN, ADVERTISING - Lovely little collection of 52 SWEDEN ADVERTISING COVERS almost exclusively from 1930s and 1940s, all with some pictorial vignette or advertising on the front or back - a new collecting interest for someone perhaps so will not offered separately until a month after list issue - if unsold we will the consider breaking them into smaller or single units - a wide variety of topics and all in fine clean condition, smaller sized covers - AS ONE LOT. SEE OUR EBAY SHOP FOR AN IMAGE AND FURTHER DESCRIPTION. £225.00 Buy
F2124 1905 Mar 2012 CAMBRIDGESHIRE - Home made PPC with oval RP faded view of OCTAGON TOWER, ELY CATHEDRAL canc. ELY skeleton dated MAY 30th, fine except for a part of rim which has failed to strike. £6.00 Buy
F2132 1857 Mar 2012 LONDON - Env. with 1d star tied ***-**** LONDON WC/9 s/arc duplex, light but mainly *** small U/D/C CHANCERY LANE s/arc type on Rev. £10.00 Buy
F2133 1841 Mar 2012 ADHESIVE, LONDON - E franked 2-3 margin 1d imperf (from BLACK PLATE 11 C-F) tied *** LONDON M/X (light vertical crease just affects left edge of stamp) with *** PADDINGTON large s.r. of origin on Rev. fold and slightly o'struck. £12.50 Buy
E2686 1950 Mar 2012 OXFORDSHIRE, EXHIBITION, STAMP DEALER MAIL - Regd. philatelic covers to ALCOCK in CHELTENHAM, each with ROYAL SHOW/OXFORD skeletons, code A for 4th JULY, average *** and all slightly unevenly struck on some letters - best sold first - £8.00 Buy
G9093 1941 Mar 2012 SWITZERLAND, CENSORSHIP - Env. franked 30c and 3 x 10c commems to MIDDLESEX with good LUZERN d.r.'s and PC90 OPENED BY/EXAMINER tape at left. Small filing date added at lower right. £10.00 Buy
F2107 1838 Mar 2012 FREE MAIL, LONDON - FRONT from LONDON to STAINES with *** Unfr. red TP/Chapel St and CROWN FREE (single rim, RARE LARGE CODE E, dated 3rd SEPt., a little of rim lost off edge at right o'wise bold ***-****). £45.00 Buy
F2116 1816 Mar 2012 SOMERSET - E/L with ***-**** WELLS 129 mileage between lines nicely placed top right on Obv., legal content charged 10 to LONDON includes abstract of mortgage copy as part of the text. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £15.00 Buy
F2101 1839 Mar 2012 LONDON - E/L DEC 21st charged 4 to BEWDLEY with fair Unfr. TP/Berners St in red on Obv., sent during the 5 week period of the UNIFORM 4d POST. £25.00 Buy
F2104 1837 Mar 2012 FREE MAIL, LONDON - FRONT from LONDON to TAUNTON with CROWN FREE (single rim RARE LARGE CODE E below dated 8th JULY) trimmed a shade too neat and part of the actual CROWN lost off top edge, o'wise ***-****. £45.00 Buy
G1219 1968 Mar 2012 METER MARK - We have 3 PITNEY BOWES red specimen meter marks on pieces of paper c.5 x 3" for various Firms and places, please enquire as these will be approvalled before list issue to known collectors - each as they come - £3.00 Buy
E5091 1900 Mar 2012 AUSTRALIAN STATES, QUEENSLAND, RAILWAY - We have about 20 covers all used with QUEENSLAND frankings, numerals and duplexes. We are unable to list these individually but would be happy to send a selection on approval within the UK. Almost all have spike marks and none could be termed 'pristine' for display although there and some good clear marks included, many available around - £6.00 Buy
F2094 1843 Mar 2012 LONDON - E with mainly *** Unfr. ISLINGTON S O (all in capitals, last 4 letters only fair) 1d PAID struck vertically on Obv. £7.00 Buy



a.l.s. = autograph letter signed; E/L = Entire letter; E = Outer cover only, NO LETTER; Env. = Envelope; U/D/C = Un-dated circle, village marking; h/s = handstruck marking; m/s = manuscript marking; s/arc, d/arc = single or double arc date stamp; d.c./d.r. = double circle/ring; s.c./s.r. = single circle/ring.