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F3181 1846 Nov 2012 YORKSHIRE - E/L to LEEK (re ROAD TOLLS lease ending) with LEEDS green d/arc alongside red h/s 1d both *** and clear of writing on Obv. £8.00 Buy
F3176 1929 Nov 2012 LONDON, CACHET - Creased OHMS printed P/C to Town Clerk of SANQUHAR, *** oval framed SCOTTISH OFFICE cachet with thistle in centre, filing note at right on Obv., ex WHITEHALL and canc. *** LONDON OFFICIAL PAID rect. framed d.s. £5.00 Buy
D2227 1856 Nov 2012 WORCESTERSHIRE - Small open ended wrapper franked 1d star (tiny corner fault) ex LONDON with ***-**** =69= in diamond numeral to Middle Hill, Worcs but has collected 95% strike 2/line Unframed MISSENT-TO/WORCESTER at top centre of Obv., Nr**** with just a small portion of 'WO' lost off edge. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £30.00 Buy
SE8983 1827 Oct 2012 CAITHNESS - E/L charged 1/1½ to EDINBURGH with o'inked (mainly ***) THURSO boxed mileage on Rev., contents refer to monies due. £8.50 Buy
F3169 1967 Oct 2012 WARWICKSHIRE, ADHESIVE - 4½d Wilding on philatelic Cover canc. Nr**** CORLEY, COVENTRY WKS skeleton for 30th JAN. £5.00 Buy
F3171 1962 Oct 2012 ESSEX - Small size G PS REGd. Env. canc. fair and ***-**** WRITTLE ROAD, CHELMSFORD, ESSEX s.r.'s, not 100% certain of final year in date but embossed 1/9d rate. £3.00 Buy
G4883 1832 Oct 2012 SOMERSET - E/L (matters re LORD BRIDPORT's Trustees) charged 6 to CHARD with *** U/D/C So.PETHERTON just grazing fold on Rev., minor toning to backflap. £12.00 Buy
SE8437 1963 Oct 2012 EDINBURGH, FDC - Plain LIFEBOAT set on FDC with typed address sent Registered with fair to good FORREST ROAD, EDINBURGH s.r's, the best strike on Rev. £6.00 Buy
SE8975 1818 Oct 2012 CAITHNESS - E/L ex OLDFIELD, THURSO to LONDON carried privately with no postal markings. £5.00 Buy
G3603 1857 Oct 2012 LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS - E/L (in French) to MARSEILLES from D ROBINO & Co., showing good but partly o'struck MANCHESTER red d/arc on Obv. alongside fine red encircled PD and *** PAID s.r. of LONDON. The Cover with just a little toning/water-staining. £8.00 Buy
G2681 1809 Oct 2012 LONDON, INSTRUCTIONAL - E to NEWINGTON with Nr**** round topped '3' on Obv., mainly *** large red boxed To be delivered/by 10 o'Clock/on Sunday Morn. (affected by ink blot on few letters at extreme right on one flap) across Rev. fold - small internal archival tape repairs/edge faults. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £50.00 Buy
E7765 1836 Oct 2012 LANCASHIRE - E charged 7 to HALIFAX with red rect. framed Ashton under lyne/P P struck vertically on Obv., not quite *** a typical 'hazy' strike but clear of writing. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
E2048 1855 Oct 2012 HAMPSHIRE - Env. with readable (not quite ***) small s.r. type blue/green U/D/C MILFORD HANTS (under LYMINGTON) on Rev., 1d star tied ***-**** =485= HO numeral well clear of filing note on front at left - V.SCARCE UDC. £15.00 Buy
E2923 1853 Oct 2012 DEVON - Env. with 2-3 mgn 1d imperf. tied ***-**** =805= HO numeral, showing *** green U/D/C UNION STR(EET) sub PO of TORQUAY, partly o'struck by parent PO on Rev., the final 3 letters have more or less failed to strike. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £15.00 Buy
F3163 1829 Oct 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - E/L pre-paid 1/- to DENBIGH showing **-*** HODDESDON mileage between lines in red on Rev., (left half of name and figures faint) filing notes added at right of Obv. £12.00 Buy
E6287 1912 Oct 2012 DEVON - PPC canc. *** SOUTH POOL, KINGSBRIDGE inv. rubber (most of lower line hard to read on adhesive area) used locally. £6.00 Buy
E9185 1861 Oct 2012 ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS, HAMPSHIRE - Env., to QUARTERMASTER GENERAL, PESHAWAR DIVISION in INDIA, franked fine pair 4d carmine (SG66 no corner letters) and toned 1d star (small corner fault) tied part o'struck ***-**** SOUTHAMPTON 3/bar HO duplexes, minor soils/imperfections - endorsed 'Via Marseilles & Bombay Overland Mail'. A small piece of sellotape on Rev. should be removed before it stains the paper. YOU CAN VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £35.00 Buy
F3156 1820 Oct 2012 LONDON - E charged 6 to CHELMSFORD with *** or better double framed Holborn/Hill on Rev. and will open to display well, closed edge tear on flap well away. £6.00 Buy
F3157 1903 Oct 2012 LONDON - Smallest size PS REGd. Env. additionally franked 1½d tied two REGISTERED, MARK LANE B.O. E.C. ovals, mainly *** but partly o'lapped, to DENMARK. £7.50 Buy
F3158 1946 Oct 2012 ADHESIVE, LONDON - Neat small Env. sent REGISTERED 11th JUNE with VICTORY set tied 2 x *** GRESHAM HOUSE B O E C 2 s.r.'s (best strike on Rev.) with hand-written address. £4.00 Buy
C1628 1911 Oct 2012 KENT - PPC canc. ***-**** FORDWICH/CANTERBURY rubber, part a fraction doubled to rhs but generally fine upright strike. £8.00 Buy
F3144 1947 Oct 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - Small size G PS REGd. Env. (part flap missing at extreme right) canc. two sep. ***-**** STEVENAGE s.r.'s. £3.00 Buy
F3146 1913 Oct 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC canc. **-*** BUCKLAND, BUNTINGFORD, HERTS rubber, a little of rim and part last fig. in date off edge, basically all there but under-inked. £6.00 Buy
F3148 1912 Oct 2012 NORFOLK - PPC (Col. view 1909 Court of Honour, Imperial International Exhibition) canc. **-*** KETTERINGHAM, WYMONDHAM, NORFOLK rubber. £6.00 Buy
F3150 1919 Oct 2012 DORSET - Small size F PS REGd. Env. (a little toned generally) canc. *** or better SHAPWICK, BLANDFORD rubber and scarce thus. £8.50 Buy
F3151 1920 Oct 2012 DORSET - PPC of TOWER BRIDGE canc. Nr**** TARRANT HINTON, BLANDFORD. £10.00 Buy
F3155 1914 Oct 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - ½d PSPC (minor edge faults mainly along top, message to London is in French) tied Nr*** KINGS LANGLEY skeleton for 23rd MAY. £6.00 Buy
C7508 1831 Oct 2012 YORKSHIRE - E/L (light tone spotting) ex MIRFIELD charged 8 to ROCHDALE with ***-**** U/D/C DEWSBURY on Rev., a little fragile and slight usual toning internally with a couple of small pieces torn out, useful content re coal dues on the canal. £8.50 Buy
G3193 1851 Sep 2012 LANCASHIRE, IRISH, INSTRUCTIONAL - E addressed to FOX BROTHERS 'PLYMOUTH, IRELAND'!!! with 4 mgn 1d imperf just tied *** =466= HO numeral (does not appear to be affected by light crease through stamp at right). There is a good red DUBLIN cds across Rev. fold so it did indeed manage to get shipped across the irish Sea! £10.00 Buy
B3171 1841 Sep 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E pre-paid m/s 4 to LONDON showing West Haddo(n) in lower case lettering on Rev., last letter lost due to fold but o'wise ***-**** if rather watery ink, under DAVENTRY and RARITY G in C.Cat. Some minor general wear to cover with an ancient paper repair on flap and closed edge tear top centre but certainly a rare mark at budget price. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £45.00 Buy
F0888 1919 Sep 2012 ENGLISH ISLANDS, SARK - PPC sent 1d rate canc. *** SARK s.r. code A, part rim not struck, similar available for 1925 which has some slight creasing, each............ £6.00 Buy
SE8965 1935 Sep 2012 BANFFSHIRE - ½d Wrapper canc. fair ABERLOUR, BANFFSHIRE d.r. with handstamp of THE ORPHANAGE, ABERLOUR added on Obv. in case of returns. £3.00 Buy
F3128 1929 Sep 2012 BANFFSHIRE, SOCIAL HISTORY - Printed County Assessment E/L canc. faint red BANFF PAID large s.r. re-directed mainly *** PORT GORDON, BANFFSHIRE s.r. to BUCKIE. £6.00 Buy
F3132 1802 Sep 2012 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - E/L charged 6 to LUDLOW with CAMPDEN 100 boxed mileage on Obv., under-inked and not quite *** but readable and clear of writing. £8.00 Buy
F3133 1953 Sep 2012 LONDON, ROYALTY, OVERSEAS - Commercially used Coronation QEII Air Letter to HOLLAND, good St JOHNs WOOD machine. £4.00 Buy
C0553 1914 Sep 2012 CHANNEL ISLANDS, JERSEY - PPC canc. almost inv. ***-**** GOREY/JERSEY s.r. code A and we have another similar for 1908 - please state any preference, each......... £4.00 Buy
F0438 1905 Sep 2012 ENGLISH ISLANDS, SARK - PPC (slight water staining) with fine SARK s.r. code A, a similar one Nr**** available for 1909 but has a scuff mark on 1st line in address, each......... £7.00 Buy
F3112 1941 Sep 2012 LANCASHIRE - Smallest size PS REGd. Env. canc. 2 sep. *** ORMSKIRK s.r.'s, just a little age toning. £3.50 Buy
F3113 1954 Sep 2012 SUFFOLK - Smallest size PS REGd. Env. for KGVI canc. fair and **-*** sep. LOWESTOFT, SUFFOLK s.r.'s. £3.50 Buy
F3114 1926 Sep 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON - P/C printed on back for G T RICHES 'Motor Accessory Manufacturers' illustrated on left third of Obv. for 'ORNO' Washing Trough, canc. ***-**** LONDON WC 'BRITISH GOODS/ARE BEST' Unfr. slogan, small corner crease lower left. Don't ask me what this device has to do with Motor Accessories! £7.00 Buy
F3117 1912 Sep 2012 SUFFOLK - PPC (slightly faded RP interior of TUDDENHAM church) canc. TUDDENHAM, MILDENHALL, SUFFOLK rubber, ***-**** except for poor first 4 letters in top name. £7.50 Buy
F3120 1944 Sep 2012 DORSET - 1944 and 1945 Pair of printed P/Cs to MID WESSEX RAINFALL ASSOCIATION each canc. *** DORCHESTER, DORSET machine (DORSET hardly struck) and completed on backs, offered as a pair........ £8.00 Buy
F3125 1907 Sep 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC canc. Nr**** HARPENDEN, HERTS large upright skeleton for JAN 12th, fine except small part rim off edge at rhs. £6.00 Buy
B0104 1837 Aug 2012 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - E/L charged '9' to HINDON with *** NEWNHAM undated circle on Rev. (under-inked) across light filing fold, opens well. £10.00 Buy
B0183 1827 Aug 2012 DEVON - E charged 1/1? to CLERICAL & MEDICAL INSURANCE Co. in London with virt. **** EXETER/176 s/arc circ. dated mileage sharply inked on Rev., lightly file creased through mark but an excellent example, v. minor damp toning on part of Obv. £7.50 Buy
B0329 1827 Aug 2012 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - E/L charged '8' (double) to Moreton-in-Marsh with ***-**** GLOUCESTER/111 circ. dated mileage on Rev., the 'O' not struck, some minor crumpling on flap. £9.00 Buy
B1047 1845 Aug 2012 WARWICKSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - E ex LONDON addressed 'Italy House ? Nr BIRMINGHAM' and perhaps not surprisingly has been endorsed 'Missent' on front but Misent to where?. On Rev., ***-**** (ink clogged handstamp) Unfr. Hockley/Penny Post, about half of Rev. a little age toned. £25.00 Buy
D0901 1951 Aug 2012 FLIGHT, LANCASHIRE, DUBLIN - BEA Flight covers, to/from DUBLIN/MANCHESTER (illustrated with map of route) with appropriate good to fine postmarks - PAIR FOR......... £15.00 Buy
D2858 1818 Aug 2012 DEVON - E/L headed ex ROYAL HOTEL charged 11 to LONDON with *** PLYMOUTH o 218 o circ. dated mileage on Rev., the name slightly 'hazy' in terms of strike. £10.00 Buy
E3071 1896 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS, ADHESIVE, ITALY - Small PS Regd. Env. up-rated with 5d jubilee (unidentified perfin.) to MILAN, tied fine REGISTERED/EXCHANGE L'POOL oval, a second poor strike nearby, small adhesions on Rev. £10.00 Buy
E3232 1838 Aug 2012 DEVON - E charged 7 to EXETER (worn filing fold near base of Obv. just affecting line in address) showing **-*** small handstruck 'A' and PLYMOUTH d/arc across Rev. fold, one of its SUB PO's. £10.00 Buy
E3953 1819 Aug 2012 DEVON - E/L (tiny hole in centre of front) charged 7 to PLYMOUTH (copy letter re Court Case inside) sent with *** or better (date mostly failed to ink but rest good) red EXETER o 176 o circ. dated mileage on Rev. £8.50 Buy
E5116 1816 Aug 2012 LONDON, IRISH, DUBLIN - E/L (another page missing) with fair ABBEYLEIX 48 (file creased, poor central letters) on Obv., charged 7 then 1/9 to LONDON via DUBLIN showing ***-**** 'S' coded SUNDAY arrival d.s. for 4th FEB. on Rev., part o'struck by DUBLIN d.s. Piece missing around seal area with slight content loss. £15.00 Buy
E6204 1941 Aug 2012 MILITARY, CACHET - WW2 (year not certain) neat Env. sent to GERRARDS CROSS in BUCKINGHAMSHIRE with violet s/line FORCES MAIL and *** or better ORDERLY ROOM/7 G.R.C. (on front and another strike on Rev.) the origin possibly PALAMPEED? £6.00 Buy
E7373 1922 Aug 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON - Illustrated advertising PS 1½d Env. from JOHN OAKEY & Sons. of LONDON (Wellington knife polish) canc. Nr**** LONDON SE1 machine, tiniest of surface soils and minor small tones lower left corner. One of a long running series of advertising covers from this well known Firm. £10.00 Buy
E9205 1937 Aug 2012 MILITARY - Env. posted on Manoevres at FIELD POST OFFICE No 6, HILDERSHAM HALL canc. *** d.r. but the numeral has failed to strike. Endorsement of 5 lines on Obv. giving location etc., philatelic so pretty certain to be correct - well he should know if he was there! £5.00 Buy
E9269 1946 Aug 2012 MILITARY - c.1946 Env. (crumpled but made out of old map of DUSSELDORF - WW2 economy) franked 1½d to B.A.O.R. cancelled by a part d.r…..'ARBOROUGH'…. is the only portion clear, struck off edge and the date shows only 194-. Unusual item despite its shortcomings. £7.50 Buy
G0463 1915 Aug 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON - Neat Env. to IOW franked 1d tied fine LONDON machine, showing large shield type vignette for WHITE HALL RESIDENTAL HOTELS top left of Obv., flap missing but attractive and fine from front. £10.00 Buy
G0946 1816 Aug 2012 LONDON, FREE MAIL - E sent to LUDLOW with poor CROWN FREE, showing double framed red rect. UPPER SEYMOUR St. on Rev., under-inked and not quite ***, last few letters v.weak or poor but a scarcer Office only rec. this single year in Feldman. £12.00 Buy
SB7438 1938 Aug 2012 EXHIBITION, GLASGOW - Commercial Env. with fine EXHIBITION P.O./GLASGOW slogan (just a little off edge at rhs) on GEO VI 2d. £5.00 Buy
SC4032 1822 Aug 2012 DUMFRIESSHIRE - E/L (paragraph size strip missing at bottom of first page inside, possible full contents remain) charged 8½ to EDINBURGH with *** or better LOCKERBY 327-C (slightly o'inked) on Rev., sent from 'Hillside'. £8.00 Buy
SE0318 1841 Aug 2012 ADHESIVE, ANGUS - E/L franked 3mgn 1d imperf (black plate 11) tied **-*** (rather heavy) MALTESE CROSS of FORFAR. £15.00 Buy
SE3087 1854 Aug 2012 AYRSHIRE - Creased Env. with cut into 1d imperf. tied =90= (4/4/4 bars) numeral of CUMNOCK, showing under-inked blue U/D/C AUCHINLECK on Rev., both marks only fair (bars section better). The cover addressed to INSPECTOR OF POOR at KILWINNING with CUMNOCK boxed d.s. and KILMARNOCK d/arc cds both *** or better in yellow on the back to trace the route. £10.00 Buy
SE3326 1811 Aug 2012 ABERDEENSHIRE - E/L from JOHN PANTON charged 10d to KELSO with mainly *** TURRIFF 563-E circ. mileage on Rev., slightly damp affected inside and has a small holed area in centre of address panel, repaired a long time ago with old paper strip. Not a serious impediment and the cover opens out for display. £8.50 Buy
G1634 1830 Aug 2012 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, KENT - E/L (brief love Letter) from SANDWICH to CHELTENHAM where mainly *** rect. fr. Cheltenham/Penny Post struck vert. on front, U/D/C SANDWICH on Rev., fine except first two letters only partly struck. £15.00 Buy
SE5203 1841 Aug 2012 ADHESIVE, GLASGOW - E/L but the left third and portion of inside flap seems to have been eaten away by mice! franked 3mgn 1d imperf. Plate 14 (O-A) tied ***-**** slightly heavy MALTESE CROSS of GLASGOW. One occasion when a piece may be better than a full Cover, priced really for the stamp only. £15.00 Buy
G5914 1841 Aug 2012 ADHESIVE, NORFOLK - E franked 1d imperf (N-E, from BLACK PLATE 2 - almost 4 margin example but affected lhs by filing crease) canc. not tied (except by the crease!) fair MALTESE CROSS of SWAFFHAM - a RARE stamp but of research quality only I'm afraid. £20.00 Buy
F2799 1950 Aug 2012 INDIA, METER MARK - We can offer a small batch of small Envs. with good to fine METER MARK cancels, a number with minor advertising etc. Each as they come......... £1.50 Buy
F2801 1905 Aug 2012 RAILWAY, LANCASHIRE, NAVAL - PPC sent 1d rate to HMS EXMOUTH, CHANNEL FLEET canc. ***-**** BLACKBURN =5= d.r. alongside inv. GREAT WESTERN T.P.O. UP NIGHT s.r. (*** except for part of UP NIGHT which has failed to ink in centre) - a little toning but scarce combination. £8.00 Buy
F2805 1906 Aug 2012 DEVON - PPC with ***-**** inv. violet STOKE IN TEIGNHEAD, TEIGNMOUTH rubber. £8.00 Buy
F2806 1911 Aug 2012 ESSEX, NAVAL - PPC to sailor on HMS LORD NELSON at CHATHAM canc. fine Nr**** BOVINGER, ONGAR, ESSEX upright rubber. £10.00 Buy
F2808 1953 Aug 2012 REGISTRATION - 3 CERTIFICATES OF POSTING REGISTERED PACKET each canc. *** MOBILE POST OFFICE 2, code C s.r's dated 11th SEP. - they all have a little part of name not struck, each as they come.......... £4.00 Buy
F2812 1799 Aug 2012 FREE MAIL, LONDON - E/L re getting a Game Certificate, to AYLESBURY Clerk of the Peace, showing *** but slightly smudgy DOTTED CROWN FREE L786 on Obv. - ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 3 MONTHS DURING THIS ONE YEAR - view an image in our eBay shop. £75.00 Buy
F2817 1939 Aug 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON, METER MARK - Slightly trimmed as opened 3 sides, printed Env. for UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER Ltd - full back pictorial advert for TYPEWRITERS and has ***-**** KEVIII LONDON SE1 meter mark. £5.00 Buy
F2819 1839 Aug 2012 FREE MAIL, HERTFORDSHIRE - FRONT sent from HERTFORD DEC 22nd and has Nr**** CROWN FREE (single rim, no code below dated 23rd DEC, part crown just over edge) sent during the short lived UNIFORM 4d POST PERIOD. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £8.00 Buy
F2822 1912 Aug 2012 NORWICH - PPC (fine RP of boating on river Ure at WROXHAM) canc. ***-**** (shade o'inked on few letters) RANWORTH, NORWICH upright rubber. £8.00 Buy
SE8950 1932 Aug 2012 EDINBURGH - Printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/C to MORRIS BOWER with *** EDINBURGH machine cancel, only partial date at bottom of strike. £4.00 Buy
F2829 1915 Aug 2012 NAVAL, WW1, CENSORSHIP - Cats PPC canc. fair LONDON machine, o'struck by *** or better violet s/line CENSORED (HMS NEPTUNE - GOULD 4A 62) - the writer has even added the name of the ship in his address! £10.00 Buy
F2839 1913 Aug 2012 NORFOLK - PPC canc. **-*** ITTERIN(GHAM), AYLSHAM, NORFOLK rubber, the inking poor at right with some lettering unclear. £5.00 Buy
F3072 1907 Aug 2012 ADHESIVE, LONDON, OVERSEAS - Smallest size PS REGd. Env. up-rated to GERMANY with 4d tied **-*** SPITTALFIELDS MARKET s.r., LONDON E11 etiquette. £8.00 Buy
F3074 1903 Aug 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - Cats PPC canc. Nr**** HARPENDEN skeleton for OCT 16th. £5.00 Buy
F3075 1938 Aug 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON - E/L folded in the form of an Envelope with full pictorial UNITED INVESTORS CO-OP SOCIETY terms and conditions interior, together with reply card to be detached if you want to send for details. Non-descript outer with fair red LONDON GREAT BRITAIN ½d machine - the interest is definitely on the inside of this one. £8.00 Buy
F3076 1907 Aug 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC (col. view WILLIAM CHURCH, GARDEN CITY ESTATE, small fault at base) canc. ***-**** BALDOCK SO, HERTS skeleton for JAN 8th, top name a little under-inked. £6.00 Buy
F3081 1946 Aug 2012 CHANNEL ISLANDS, GUERNSEY, ADHESIVE - Env. franked Liberation 2½d commem. tied ***-**** GUERNSEY machine, red advertising panel for SARNIA FRUIT COMPANY and address/trade mark at left of Obv., has been re-used with plain label following WW2 economy. £5.00 Buy
F3086 1822 Aug 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E/L (another page missing, slight toning inside) charged 8 to LONDON with *** NORTHAMPTON 66 circ. dated mileage (couple letters and date poor) NN138 with tall lettering, on Rev. £12.00 Buy
F3088 1852 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE - Env. with original Letter inside, used locally to FOXHOLES with smudgy numeral on 1d imperf (which may not belong to the Cover =736=?) but has ***-**** green U/D/C COCKERHAM on Rev., slightly o'struck by good blue GARSTANG d/arc. £20.00 Buy
F3094 1948 Aug 2012 ADHESIVE, MIDDLESEX - Env. with full set Olympics commems. tied single Nr**** OLYMPIC GAMES WEMBLEY GT. BRIT. slogan with the Olympic rings, 29th JULY with hand-written address. £10.00 Buy
SE8955 1903 Aug 2012 DUMFRIESSHIRE - Small size G PS REGd. Env. (creasing) canc. inv. BORELAND s.r., slightly o'struck by Nr**** LOCKERBIE =233= small d.r. £6.00 Buy
SE8956 1819 Aug 2012 PEEBLESSHIRE - E charged 6½d to EDINBURGH with good PEEBLES 418-E boxed mileage lower left of Obv. £8.00 Buy
F3096 1916 Aug 2012 NAVAL, WW1, CENSORSHIP - c.1916 Un-dated Env. with mute grille in circle, showing light but readable PASSED/CENSOR/1 in circle at lower left - GOULD 6A 50 HMS PRINCESS ROYAL, the Cover with light central vertical crease. £10.00 Buy
SE8958 1907 Aug 2012 SCOTTISH ISLANDS, SHETLAND - Flowers PPC canc. fine UYEASOUND, LERWICK s.r. £10.00 Buy
F3098 1838 Aug 2012 FREE MAIL, LONDON - Front to EDGEWARE with single rim CROWN FREE (rare LARGE code E below dated 6th MARCH) ***-**** but part of crown off edge. £45.00 Buy
F3099 1960 Aug 2012 FLIGHT, ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS - Illustrated BOAC Env. to BOGOTA, COLOMBIA franked 7d & 8d Wildings tied Nr**** 7th JAN LONDON FS WORLD REFUGEE YEAR slogan - this one was withdrawn as the hand in slogan gave the impression the Queen was thumbing her nose at someone! £6.00 Buy
F3100 1910 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS - Env. sent REGd. to USA with 3d (small edge tear and blue pencil mark at top) tied **-*** 2d REGISTERED 2d/MANCHESTER oval d.s. (top name only fair as much of frame not inked). £6.00 Buy
F2792 1936 Aug 2012 ADVERTISING, ESSEX - Printed P/C from WICKFORD NURSERIES including non pictorial panel at left of Obv. for their MALMAISON CARNATIONS, ½d KGV tied *** WICKHAM, ESSEX. d.r. £4.00 Buy
F2796 1937 Aug 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - Plain P/C used to MORRIS BOWER (the message in m/s for his Thunderstorm Census, not the usual printed survey type) franked 1d KEVIII tied Nr**** HATFIELD, HERTS d.r. £4.00 Buy
F2798 1814 Aug 2012 LONDON, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L pre-paid 11 to MANCHESTER with large red PAID s.r. on Obv., boxed LONDON LATE FEE d.s. L40A on Rev. with just a small part of one corner over the fold. Nr**** strikes and about as good as they come. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £35.00 Buy
F2787 1827 Aug 2012 SHROPSHIRE - E charged 5 then 6 (extra local 1d) to BROSELEY with ***-**** SHREWSBURY 153 s/arc circ. mileage in yellowish ochre ink on Rev. SH670. £8.00 Buy
F2790 1851 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE - Env. with **-*** =498= HO numeral of MANCHESTER, showing **-*** U/D/C CHEETHAM HILL in pale blue on Rev., the HILL section not clear and part of arcs o'struck by Nr**** MANCHESTER red d/arc. £10.00 Buy
F2781 1915 Aug 2012 NORFOLK - c. (date and bottom name poor) PPC (faded RP interior of HOLT CHURCH) canc. ATTLEBRIDGE rubber (this *** but the rest poor). £4.00 Buy
F2784 1933 Aug 2012 NORFOLK - Printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/C to MORRIS BOWER canc. *** NORWICH, NORFOLK machine (lower name only partly struck). £4.00 Buy
F2777 1795 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L re financial matters (no doubt Rochdale Canal shares) charged 2 to ROCHDALE with under-inked **-*** MANCHESTER horseshoe on Obv., paper in fine clean condition and much above average for this correspondence. £12.50 Buy
F2779 1902 Aug 2012 RAILWAY, LONDON, OHMS - Printed ESTATE DUTY small E/L ex SOMERSET HOUSE, sent with **** LONDON OFFICIAL PAID red s.r. and has WHITEHAVEN S.T. small s.r. arrival on Rev., both fine marks and will open to display. £12.00 Buy
F2764 1915 Aug 2012 SOMERSET - Env. sent ½d rate with ***-**** COMBWICH, BRIDGEWATER rubber. £9.00 Buy
F2767 1976 Aug 2012 RAILWAY, CHESHIRE, WALES - Certificate of Posting canc. **-*** CREWE-CARDIFF T.P.O. d.r. £2.00 Buy
F2771 1838 Aug 2012 NORFOLK, LONDON - E/L (minor edge tones, imperfections) charged 9 to FULHAM with Nr**** Unfr. TP/Rate 2d on Obv. and *** or better U/D/C FAKENHAM slightly o'struck by LONDON red transit d.s. on Rev. £8.50 Buy
F2772 1952 Aug 2012 IRISH, EXHIBITION - CERT of POSTING to GEORGE KING with fine and scarce BELFAST BAAS skeleton for 6th SEP. £15.00 Buy
G8770 1958 Aug 2012 CHRISTMAS ISLAND, MILITARY - Small group of commercial Airmail Envs. franked GB 3d (few are commems, most have small opening faults at top) tied fair to good B.F.P.O. CHRISTMAS ISLAND s.r.'s, as usual best goes first, average per item............. £5.00 Buy
F2763 1900 Aug 2012 YORKSHIRE, ADVERTISING - Env. with ½d jubilee tied ***-**** PUDSEY 3/bar VO J14 duplex, printed on unusual backflap for WILLIAM CROMACK, Builder, minor soils. £5.00 Buy
A7165 1841 Aug 2012 YORKSHIRE - Prepaid m/s 1 E/L showing weak (not quite ***) CROWLE U/D/C top right on Obv. On Rev. fold main office BAWTRY ***-**** d/arc in red, some internal damp and small faults not affecting text, cheap thus.... £12.50 Buy
G9970 1848 Aug 2012 SUSSEX - 1d Pink PSEnv. canc. *** =342= HO numeral, fine HASTINGS d/arc nearby on Obv. £4.50 Buy
G9976 1945 Aug 2012 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - We have a group of commercially used covers, including postal stationery and up-rated mails all used from CIRENCESTER up to the 1960s - if you want further details as to whats left or a general selection on approval please contact us, priced per item from................ £1.00 Buy
F2755 1915 Aug 2012 NORFOLK - PPC (RP HAPTON Church interior) canc. light but legible *** FLORDON, NORWICH rubber (small area of rim and 2 letters in lower name just over edge). £6.00 Buy
F2757 1839 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L charged 11 to LONDON from JOHN CHAUTER? with interesting business and financial content, fair red MANCHESTER d/arc on Rev. part o'struck on arrival. £5.00 Buy
F2745 1934 Aug 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON, METER - Pair of printed P/Cs each with 2 or 3 illustrations of cisterns, cylinders or tanks from F BRABY & Co. also advertised in ***-**** red LONDON SE8 meter mark. Each card with two punch-holes, offered as a pair........... £8.00 Buy
F2746 1909 Aug 2012 LONDON - PPC canc. *** or better NEW SOUTHGATE N large skeleton for AUG 9th - 'HGATE' under-inked but rest fine. £5.00 Buy
F2747 1855 Aug 2012 NORFOLK - Env. with damaged 1d star poorly canc. DEREHAM numeral and has poor/fair blue U/D/C MATTISHALL on Rev. but much under-inked and albino in part. £10.00 Buy
F2748 1838 Aug 2012 NORFOLK - c.1830s E (some calculations and figures inside but 1st page missing) charged 2 to SCULTHORPE showing *** U/D/C FAKENHAM on Obv., final 2 letters hardly show a trace but rest ***-****. £8.50 Buy
F2750 1834 Aug 2012 NORFOLK - E/L charged 11 to CHARD with *** s/line SHIPDHAM on Rev., some lettering not fully inked, NK356. £10.00 Buy
SE8933 1853 Aug 2012 ADHESIVE, KIRKCUDBRIGHTSHIRE - E with 3 margin 1d imperf tied *** inv. =71= (4/5/4 bars) numeral IN BLUE, backstamped poor CASTLE DOUGLAS boxed d.s. and has under-inked but o'wise fine example of tiny blue framed local DALRY slightly o'wrtn. by filing note on Rev. £35.00 Buy
F2742 1798 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L (small section torn out of heading inside page) from JOHN GILBERT ref. lock gates on Rochdale Canal, charged 3 to ROCHDALE with under-inked **-*** large MANCHESTER horseshoe on Obv. £12.50 Buy
SE8934 1805 Aug 2012 BANFFSHIRE - E/L charged 3 to BANFF with fair PORTSOY on Rev., much under-inked. £8.00 Buy
F2728 1924 Aug 2012 NAVAL, DEVON - Env. with Letter inside from HMS EMPEROR (minor edge wear) at DEVONPORT, sent with 1½d tied PLYMOUTH POST EARLY IN THE DAY framed slogan, fine except for a couple of letters 'LY' in name which have completely failed to ink. £6.00 Buy
SE6276 1964 Aug 2012 EDINBURGH - We have a quantity of red METER MARK cancels all on small Covers used in EDINBURGH covering a 20 year period from early 1960s onwards, many with small advertising details or address from commercial Firms etc. Please ask for selection as these would make an interesting study, the very basic ones start at 50p, anything nice with advertising from...... £1.00 Buy
F2711 1859 Aug 2012 LONDON - Env. with 1d star tied LONDON S/16 duplex (small filing notes lower right) and small blue s.r. U/D/C KENNINGTON CROSS on Rev., Nr**** strikes. £15.00 Buy
F2718 1858 Aug 2012 SHROPSHIRE - We have half a dozen or so Envs. with ***-**** BRIDGENORTH SPOON cancels but all the stamps have been spiked so are offered around half price of fine, each.......... £20.00 Buy
F2721 1878 Aug 2012 LONDON, REGISTERED - Smallest size early PS REGd. Env. (RP2F) franked 1d Plate 171 tied *** 5 mute bars unframed oval? a little off edge, fine red REGISTERED W.D.O. nearby, minor tones/soils. £25.00 Buy
F2722 1952 Aug 2012 BERMUDA - Commercial Env. (c.7½ x 3½", small CROWN/PRINCESS/BERMUDA pictorial vignette) top left (light vertical crease immediately to right) franked 6d to USA tied *** HAMILTON BERMUDA boxed slogan (part off edge). £7.00 Buy
F2705 1837 Aug 2012 LONDON, DORSET - E/L pre-paid ? to LONDON where Nr**** red Unfr. G:P added on address panel, fair small U/D/C W(IM)BORNE on Rev. £12.50 Buy
F2707 1857 Aug 2012 LONDON - Env. with creased 1d star tied fine =22= numeral in diamond, *** U/D/C LONDON Rd., PADDINGTON in blue/green, a shade double struck in part. £10.00 Buy
F2708 1943 Aug 2012 SOMERSET - Printed P/C to MID-WESSEX RAINFALL ASSOCIATION at BRIDGEWATER, franked 1d tied ***-**** BANWELL small s.r., completed on Rev. £5.00 Buy
F2698 1829 Aug 2012 SURREY, FREE MAIL - E/L to LONDON with fair GODALMIN mileage erased on Rev., ***-**** CROWN FREE (single rim, no code below for 30th DEC) on Obv. (both marks with hairline crease) with interesting readable content, signing deeds, travel by steamer, coaching etc. £12.50 Buy
F2699 1836 Aug 2012 ESSEX, FREE MAIL - FRONT with single rim CROWN FREE and red arrival framed Romford/Penny Post, both ***. £6.00 Buy
F2680 1820 Aug 2012 SHROPSHIRE - Small E/L charged 6 to LUDLOW with SHREWSBURY circ. mileage on Obv., name *** but rest faint. £8.00 Buy
F2687 1855 Aug 2012 DURHAM COUNTY, INSURANCE - Printed ALBION LIFE Insurance Questionnaire franked 1d star tied fair =958= RARELY SEEN HO numeral, backstamped ***-**** FENCE-HOUSES d/arc, the top half of the numeral has failed to ink so a filler until a fine one comes along. £50.00 Buy
F2688 1943 Aug 2012 AUSTRALIA - We have about half a dozen small commercial Covers from the KGVI period, a couple censored, please ask for further details or we may be able to send a selection on approval, each ave. around............. £3.00 Buy
F2694 1840 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE - Env. showing poor/fair example of framed DIDSBURY P.P. (very watery ink and part o'struck by Nr**** red MANCHESTER d/arc) on Obv. RARE and better than nothing in the collection - can't remember how many years since I handled one. £25.00 Buy
B5150 1951 Aug 2012 FLIGHT, IRISH, LANCASHIRE - MANCHESTER to BELFAST or DUBLIN 12th MARCH Flight Covers each with violet boxed (map of route) cachet at left for IRISH SEA NIGHT AIR MAIL SERVICES. Clean and Nr**** MANCHESTER slogan postmarks, each....... £7.50 Buy
SE8343 1976 Aug 2012 FLIGHT, INVERNESSSHIRE, CAITHNESS - Illustrated LOGANAIR 1st Flight WICK/INVERNESS canc. ***-**** INVERNESS 1st APRIL d.r., PILOT SIGNED by Capt. ALSOP. £10.00 Buy
F2676 1851 Aug 2012 YORKSHIRE - E with cut into 1d imperf tied fair and good strikes (part bars of better cancel off edge) =655= HO numeral, backstamped *** and Nr**** sep. examples of ROTHERHAM d/arc dated a day apart so a TOO LATE POSTING. £5.00 Buy
F2661 1910 Aug 2012 DORSET - Env. with 1d tied ***-**** WIMBORNE d.r. and has *** D(O)RCHESTER arrival skeleton for APR 18th on Rev., the 2nd letter completly missing and R only partly inked alongside. £6.00 Buy
F2666 1857 Aug 2012 LINCOLNSHIRE - Choice of 2 Envs. with 1d star each tied *** or better scarce BOSTON SIDEWAYS DUPLEX, code B dated OCT 29th or JUN 26th, the former has holed area in centre of address £15.00 and both covers have the backflap missing, the latter obviously better frontally to display, at.......... £18.00 Buy
F2667 1920 Aug 2012 LINCOLNSHIRE - PPC of local promenade and sands (slight corner wear) canc. *** MABLETHORPE LINCS upright skeleton for 8th SEPt, lower name and year under-inked but readable. £6.00 Buy
F2669 1904 Aug 2012 LONDON, KENT - Actress PPC canc. Nr**** DOVER s.r. re-directed in LONDON to HOUNSLOW with fine BATTERSEA SW large skeleton for APR 27th. £5.00 Buy
F0842 1826 Aug 2012 DORSET - E/L charged 4 to MERE (ref. arranging meeting at the BULL INN, written at FOVANT) and has *** or better SHAFTESBURY 104 U/D/C mileage on Rev. which will open nicely to display both sides. £10.00 Buy
SE8918 1967 Aug 2012 ROXBURGHSHIRE, FIFE - Small group of c.8 x 6" printed DESPATCH NOTES for parcels (2 different printing formats) to a firm in SWEDEN with HAWICK or KIRKCALDY d.r. (2 diff. types) and s.r. despatch marks, several cachets in transit, not seen the labels added before, each as they come............ £3.00 Buy
F2659 1849 Aug 2012 YORKSHIRE - E (no side flaps) with cut into 1d imperf tied part =383= HO numeral (40% off edge) of HULL, showing fair s/line Carlisle Street SUB PO in blue on Rev. £12.00 Buy
F2653 1918 Aug 2012 LANCASHIRE - PPC with *** WILMSLOW, MANCHESTER large skeleton for 31st MAR. £5.00 Buy
C0177 1929 Aug 2012 YORKSHIRE - PPC canc. OUSEBURN/YORK rubber, top name rather poor, rest ***, view of mountain HELVELLYN. £5.50 Buy
D4009 1847 Aug 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - Stampless E ex LONDON with ***-**** (slight smudges) U/D/C NORTH-KILWORTH across Rev. fold and better WELFORD d/arc alongside, as arrival marks. £15.00 Buy
G2077 1821 Aug 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E/L charged 8 to LONDON with mainly *** (D)AVENTRY 72 boxed mileage in rather oily red ink, the first letter has failed to strike but rated rarity E in C.Cat. this period. £15.00 Buy
G2445 1830 Aug 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E/L charged 5 to COVENTRY showing ***-**** horseshoe DAVENTRY on Rev., hairline crease but opens nicely to display. Late date for this type of postmark and VERY SCARCE. £30.00 Buy
G3976 1823 Aug 2012 LONDON, INSURANCE - Printed Insurance Questionnaire (completed reply portion only, the introductory Letter now missing) being returned to NORWICH UNION in PALL MALL with poor TP marking and *** h/s 2 on Obv., red oval framed 8/MORN/8 time marking L456, small ink mark on final fig. of date but Nr**** example, on Rev. £9.00 Buy
F2651 1817 Aug 2012 LONDON - E charged 1/1 to the OYSTER TAVERN in GOREY, JERSEY, showing mainly *** framed Old Bail(ey)(o'inked in places, uneven strike with final 'ey' showing hardly a trace, the 'y' off edge) on Rev. £8.00 Buy
F2648 1936 Jul 2012 YORKSHIRE - Printed Thunderstorm Census P/C to MORRIS BOWER with ½d KGV tied good HUDDERSFIELD YORKS machine. £5.00 Buy
F2649 1940 Jul 2012 CHANNEL ISLANDS, GUERNSEY - We have around a dozen commercial Covers with 1d (one 2½d) Arms issues all used with GUERNSEY (mainly machine) cancels, priced per item from........... £4.00 Buy
E7751 1799 Jul 2012 FREE MAIL, LONDON - FRONT ONLY from LONDON to ENSHAM with red Unfr. CROWN FREE for NOV.14th (L788) ***-*** but part of the CROWN is lost due to the top edge having been trimmed a shade too neat. RARE MARK WHICH YOU CAN VIEW IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £30.00 Buy
G2673 1839 Jul 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L pre-paid 9 to BIRMINGHAM showing ***-**** san serif red s/arc PAID/AT/MANCHESTER struck sideways on Obv. (M128 - the 'M' larger than other letters in name) - clean and uncreased item, an a/c due between solicitors. £20.00 Buy
F2643 1946 Jul 2012 SOMERSET - 1946 (1d) and 1951 (2d) printed P/Cs to MID-WESSEX RAINFALL ASSOC at BRIDGEWATER giving recordings for previous month, each canc. ***-**** SOMERTON, SOMERSET and offered as a pair to compare the different postage rates for......... £8.00 Buy
SE8912 1840 Jul 2012 EDINBURGH - E/L to DUMFRIES sent with PAID at EDINr & h/s 1 both fine Nr**** in red, a little toning on left half of outer. £7.50 Buy
F2641 1884 Jul 2012 LONDON, ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS - Smallest size PS REGd. Env. up-rated with 2½d SG 190 tied 75% strike REGISTERED 101 CANNON St B.O.E.C. oval d.s. (better example ***-**** alongside stamp) to ANTWERP, slight creasing. £10.00 Buy
G5617 1834 Jul 2012 FREE MAIL, CORNWALL, COACHING - E (no side flaps) to COACHMAKER in LONDON, franked 'Eastnor' and has **-*** 2/line St.GER/(MAN)S but o'struck by fine single rim CROWN FREE (no code below, dated 20th SEPt.) on Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS LOT IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £8.00 Buy
F2629 1858 Jul 2012 ESSEX, OVERSEAS - Env. with 6d (no corner letters, small corner fault) tied =334= HO numeral of HALSTEAD, U/D/C SIBLE-HEDINGHAM on Rev., ***-**** markings, the flap has tear but all there, to Madame KELSALL in GERMANY. £20.00 Buy
F2631 1843 Jul 2012 LONDON - E with 3 partly o'lapped strikes (2 upside down) Unfr. Osnaburgh St./1d PAID on Obv. **-*** overall! £8.00 Buy
F2633 1911 Jul 2012 SOMERSET - ***-**** examples of ALCOMBE, TAUNTON rubbers on 2 PPCs - 1911 view of Parade & Market Hall, MINEHEAD @ £8.50 and 1914 view of Market place and main St. in DUNSTER but several scuffs have damaged the picture side, postmark just as good for...... £7.50 Buy
F2634 1879 Jul 2012 ADHESIVE, SOMERSET, OVERSEAS - Env. franked 2½d rosy mauve Plate 16 tied good TAUNTON 4/bar VO duplex but final numeral and section of bars off edge at right, to ONTARIO in CANADA. £20.00 Buy
F2635 1825 Jul 2012 LANCASHIRE, INSURANCE - Printed Insurance Letter (Questionnaire page and one side flap removed but looks full from outer) pre-paid 7 to MANCHESTER with *** large red oval framed PAID/AT/LIVERPOOL on Obv. £8.00 Buy
F2637 1868 Jul 2012 SWEDEN - Stampless E/L (possibly a Free endorsement?) with ***-**** WESTERAS s.r. on Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £11.99 Buy
F2618 1921 Jul 2012 SOMERSET - PPC of ABBOTS KITCHEN, GLASTONBURY ABBEY canc. WEST LYDFORD, TAUNTON rubber, top line *** with rest better, sent 1½d rate. £7.50 Buy
F2620 1915 Jul 2012 SOMERSET - PPC canc. ***-**** FIVEHEAD, TAUNTON upright rubber. £8.50 Buy
F2622 1861 Jul 2012 ESSEX, OVERSEAS - E franked 6d (no corner letters but has corner fault) tied ***-**** =334= HO numeral of HALSTEAD, to GERMANY where re-directed within MUNICH. £10.00 Buy
F2623 1834 Jul 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E/L charged 5 to BUCKINGHAM with TOWCESTER on Rev., first couple letters but rest mainly *** on Rev., slightly under-inked. £9.00 Buy
F2625 1830 Jul 2012 LONDON - E/L charged 6 RICKMANSWORTH with ***-**** blue L.S./date/L.S. 'M/X' type despatch d.s. on Rev. £10.00 Buy
SE8907 1818 Jul 2012 LANARKSHIRE - E/L (re annuity matters) charged 7½ to EDINBURGH with *** AIRDRIE top left on Obv., only a trace of mileage below and no sign of any outer frame line, toned filing fold down centre of Cover. £10.00 Buy
F2609 1899 Jul 2012 ADVERTISING, LONDON, OVERSEAS - FRONT & BACK ONLY (bottom flap lost) from QV ½d Newspaper Wrapper illustrated at left with pictorial vignette PRICE's PALMITINE CANDLES to NORWAY, Nr**** cds (date across centre) tying an address label and will display the front fine. £6.00 Buy
F2612 1951 Jul 2012 ADHESIVE, HERTFORDSHIRE - Env. with block of 4 Festival 2½d canc. single central s.r. HATFIELD, HERTS s.r. for 2nd JUNE, a little smudgy. Rather over-franked for an ordinary small Cover! £4.00 Buy
SE8904 1847 Jul 2012 LANARKSHIRE, BANKING - E to BANK OF SCOTLAND in GLASGOW with *** or better AIRDRIE boxed d.s. on Obv., some light foxing but not unsightly, part one backflap torn away. £3.50 Buy
F2594 1844 Jul 2012 LONDON - E with *** ISLINGTON S.O./1d PAID struck vertically on Obv. £8.00 Buy
F2595 1907 Jul 2012 LONDON, ADHESIVE - Env. sent REGd. with 2 mainly *** SOUTH EASTERN DISTRICT OFFICE S.E. s.r.'s tying 1d and 2d, *** or better REGISTERED, YORK arrival oval d.s. adjacent, minor soils. £8.00 Buy
F2599 1940 Jul 2012 ADHESIVE, LONDON, FDC - Plain Env. typed address sent with ireegular block of 5 x ½d commems. tied single Nr**** UPPER HOLLOWAY N.19 machine, additionally cancelled by 2 poor LONDON large rubber cds for HOLLOWAY just to make sure, 6th MAY, roughly opened top edge but still all there. £4.00 Buy
F2601 1946 Jul 2012 GLASGOW, FDC - Plain FDC with local hand-written address sent REGISTERED with Victory set tied two sep. Nr**** RUTHERGLAN, GLASGOW s.r.'s for 11th JUNE. £5.00 Buy
SE8902 1831 Jul 2012 PEEBLESSHIRE - E/L (useful content re TURNPIKE ROADS) charged 6½ to EDINBURGH with *** PEEBLES 423-E boxed mileage in sooty black just a small corner over the Rev. fold. £10.00 Buy
F1091 1905 Jul 2012 RAILWAY, YORKSHIRE - PPCs (available for 1905, 1907 and 1908 to same addressee in YORK) each with Nr**** YORK & SCARBOROUGH S.T. s.r.'s, each........ £15.00 Buy
F2574 1832 Jul 2012 SURREY - E/L (on mourning edged paper but concerning an auction sale of articles etc.) to MORLAKE with **-*** small blue U/D/C DORKING on Obv., slight toning patch at base of Obv. £8.00 Buy
F2575 1838 Jul 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - E/L (water-stained towards right edge on Obv.) charged 9 to DAVENTRY with ***-**** orange/red BISHOPS STORTFORD U/D/C type with mileage erased on Rev., marriage settlement, £300 for vicar's house mentioned. £12.50 Buy
SE8898 1854 Jul 2012 EDINBURGH, OVERSEAS - E/L (in FRENCH) to LYON with s.r. of EDINBURGH alongside h/s 8 and red ANGL CALAIS all on Obv., minor creasing. £12.00 Buy
F2577 1903 Jul 2012 HERTFORDSHIRE - Small size G PS REGd. Env. used locally to Bookseller with two sep. virt. **** BISHOPS STORTFORD s.r.'s, slight foxing on back. £5.00 Buy
F2578 1936 Jul 2012 KENT - Pair of printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/Cs to MORRIS BOWER with either KGV and KGVI ½d both tied *** or better MARGATE, KENT machine, the earlier one with a little foxing, offered as a neat pair for a page............. £8.00 Buy
F2579 1914 Jul 2012 SOMERSET - Birthday Greetings PPC canc. *** WINCA(NTON) SOMERSET large skeleton for 31st JULY (parts of 4 letters mostly off right edge) slight corner creasing. £4.00 Buy
F2580 1910 Jul 2012 SOMERSET - Tuck HARRY PAYNE winter scene canc. LUXBOROUGH, WASHFORD, SO(MERSET) upright violet rubber, Nr**** but for some reason most of lowest name has failed to strike at all. £6.50 Buy
F2588 1859 Jul 2012 LONDON - Env. with 2 partial LONDON SE/11 duplexes (stamp lower left is pin-holed) top right and bottom left, showing *** PECKHAM HIGH ST. small s.r. U/D/C in blue/green on Rev. (lower line only fair at best) the Cover embossed on flap WOOLWICH amid fancy surround. £12.00 Buy
A8743 1914 Jul 2012 SOMERSET - Env. & orig. Letter, *** CHARLTON MUSGROVE, WINCANTON, SOMERSET rubber (few letters in top name poor), cover a bit roughly opened but all there. £6.50 Buy
E8626 1911 Jul 2012 SOMERSET, DEVON - PPC canc. sideways strike BRUSHFORD, DULVERTON, SOMT violet rubber, fine but part of lowest name and rim lost off edge, addressed SENNEN COVE HOTEL in Cornwall and has *** TIVERTON d.r. alongside rubber. £7.50 Buy
F2570 1859 Jul 2012 LONDON - Env. with 1d star tied faint ** LONDON S 17 duplex, showing *** or better small blue U/D/C KENNINGTON CROSS s.r. type. £15.00 Buy
F2572 1811 Jul 2012 LONDON - E/L charged 8 to KINGS LYNN showing *** or better framed DOCTORS COMMON(S) Sub PO struck vertically on Obv. £12.00 Buy
F2559 1931 Jul 2012 AUSTRALIA - We have more than a dozen commercial small Covers used in Australia over a 40 year period to about 1970, some with minor advertising and printed addresses, several to UK or overseas etc. Please enquire if you want more details or a selection on approval, priced from........ £2.00 Buy
F2563 1789 Jul 2012 WORCESTERSHIRE - E charged 3 to LUDLOW with *** WORCESTER s/line top centre on Obv., slight toning down a half inch strip at right edge, part backflap torn away when seal area removed. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
F2564 1916 Jul 2012 ESSEX - PPC canc. ***-**** FRINTON ON SEA, ESSEX large skeleton for 29th NOV. £5.00 Buy
E2364 1903 Jun 2012 KENT - PPC canc. *** CHILHAM squared circle, almost inverted strike and with slight creasing down rhs, addressed to the POST OFFICE at JARVIS BROOK. £4.00 Buy



a.l.s. = autograph letter signed; E/L = Entire letter; E = Outer cover only, NO LETTER; Env. = Envelope; U/D/C = Un-dated circle, village marking; h/s = handstruck marking; m/s = manuscript marking; s/arc, d/arc = single or double arc date stamp; d.c./d.r. = double circle/ring; s.c./s.r. = single circle/ring.