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A7919 1925 Dec 1996 PPC. cancelled *** (but weak at top) RUTHIN/time/17 AU 25/DENBIGHSHIRE skeleton, RUTHIN only fair at best. £4.00 Buy
A7920 1906 Dec 1996 PPC. cancelled ***-**** large BUILTH WELLS S O /TIME/AU 18/BRECON skeleton. £5.00 Buy
A7947 1906 Dec 1996 ½d. p. stat envelope to India cancelled ***-**** LONDON.E machine mark with No.16. in bars, 50% advertising panel for Joseph Prime & Co., Cheese, Ham, etc. supplier. Some light general foxing but a good example of ½d rate to INDIA. £15.00 Buy
C6357 1832 Dec 1996 E showing ***-**** small rect. fr. TOO LATE of HULL on Rev., charged 1/10 to Huth in LONDON. £18.00 Buy
C6500 1862 Dec 1996 Stampless Env., to Marquis of Douglas in FRANCE, showing part LONDON WC duplex (numeral & bars off edge) - has ***-**** red CHARING CROSS WC s.r. of origin on Rev., just a little o'wrtn. Cover a little soiled here and there, slightly toned extreme right edge but nothing serious. £8.00 Buy
C6559 1815 Dec 1996 E charged 8 to BURY with **-*** BECCLES 112 boxed mileage clear of writing on Obv., figs. a bit smudgy but a scarce mark. £8.00 Buy
C6579 1807 Dec 1996 E charged 6 to LONDON, **-*** GUILDFORD 30 boxed mileage at lower left on front, central letters v.weak. £6.00 Buy
C6967 1890 Dec 1996 (c) Series of thirteen illustrated Pen & Ink FRONTS all used from LONDON to members of the HILL family mainly at BOGNOR. The pen work on most is amateur standard, nothing terribly exciting and a number have been cut down rather smaller than the original front would have been. Nonetheless these are not easy to find, certainly not in quantity and are priced accordingly when you consider individual full covers from the same period are often making £100+ at auction - remember you don't collect these for the backs ! Photocopies can be sent to anyone interested, offered as they come, prices each from £15, to........... £20.00 Buy
SA7713 1822 Dec 1996 E/L charged '9½' to Edinburgh, on reverse *** framed THORNHILL/352-D mileage mark, a little weakish on odd letters, much of frame not struck. £8.00 Buy
SA8053 1842 Dec 1996 E/L, 1d (shaved along two points, not cut into) hardly tied ***-**** GREENOCK distinctive MALTESE CROSS. £15.00 Buy
SA6326 1856 Jun 1996 (c) PAIR 1d STARS ONLY, sharing fine (AUC)HNACRAIG type III local cancellation. Budget example if you cannot afford one on full cover, not easy to locate even if only rated rarity C. £10.00 Buy
SA7731 1880 Jun 1996 1d. Venetian envs. with original contents sent locally with *** or better =308= Stirling duplex cancels, each with various ms. endorsement 'Not known', 'Gone no address', etc. Each @ £3.00 Buy



a.l.s. = autograph letter signed; E/L = Entire letter; E = Outer cover only, NO LETTER; Env. = Envelope; U/D/C = Un-dated circle, village marking; h/s = handstruck marking; m/s = manuscript marking; s/arc, d/arc = single or double arc date stamp; d.c./d.r. = double circle/ring; s.c./s.r. = single circle/ring.