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SE9188 1833 May 2013 AYRSHIRE - E charge 8½ to EDINBURGH (just one final paragraph remains of content) with fair small s/line IRVINE on Rev. £5.00 Buy
SE9189 1838 May 2013 AYRSHIRE - E/L charged 8½ to EDINBURGH with fair boxed IRVINE d.s. (in 2 lines) in green on back, quite scarce to find. £6.00 Buy
SE9190 1949 May 2013 ADHESIVE - UPU set on plain hand addressed local Cover (slight foxing) tied fair EDINBURGH d.r.'s clear date 10th OCT. £8.00 Buy
C0840 1846 May 2013 NORTHUMBERLAND - Env. *** but slightly smudged on odd letter and part of date figs. ALNWICK 3 blue/green 'traveller' type skeleton for AP 16th, used as arrival mark from NEWCASTLE on Rev. £25.00 Buy
E0129 1850 May 2013 BERKSHIRE - Env. from UXBRIDGE showing WIN(DSOR)/4 green 'traveller' type arrival skeleton on Rev., four letters in name have failed to ink o'wise *** or better for overall clarity, dated JAN 12th - research value rather than winning any medals. £25.00 Buy
E0801 1850 May 2013 LEICESTERSHIRE, SKELETON - E/L showing (good deal o'struck on arrival) *** LEICESTER 2 blue 'traveller' type skeleton on Rev. for OCT.15th. Small area torn away around seal area has removed most of 'LE' and thus for research value only, 4 margin 1d imperf tied **-*** =449= HO numeral, to LIVERPOOL. £20.00 Buy
F3499 1847 May 2013 LONDON - 1d Pink PSEnv. with illegible numeral in diamond cancel alongside *** s/line Oxford-St W O just touched by filing note, piece missing from backflap when seal opened. £5.00 Buy
SE9187 1848 May 2013 RENFREWSHIRE - E franked almost 4 margin 1d imperf with partial =163= (4/4/4 bars, top portion not struck) showing *** RUE END/STREET green U/D/C on Rev., slightly o'wrtn. by small filing note, to Inspector of Poor at PAISLEY. £20.00 Buy
F3500 1907 May 2013 KENT - PPC (col. view STURRY CHURCH and road) canc. ***-**** FORDWICH, CANTERBURY upright violet rubber, a little under-inked. £7.50 Buy
F3501 1904 May 2013 GLAMORGANSHIRE, RAILWAY, PERFIN - ½d PSPC with TVR PERFIN (well known for TAFF VALE RAILWAY although not printed on back) canc. partial CARDIFF d.r. £9.99 Buy
E6459 1848 Apr 2013 SOMERSET - E/L (another page missing, right half of outer slightly toned) showing ***-**** U/D/C DUNSTER (slightly double struck) under TAUNTON, top left of Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £15.00 Buy
E8369 1826 Apr 2013 BELGIUM - E/L to SCHIEDAM with ***-**** NICOLAAS s/line at top left of Obv., a shade under-inked but fine strike, lettering inside showing through a little to outer but not bad. £12.00 Buy
F0043 1827 Apr 2013 SOMERSET - E/L pre-paid 7 to CHARD with mainly *** SHAFTESBURY 104 UDC type mileage just grazing fold on Rev., minor legal matters inside, mentions 'my labourers in the Canal business' and getting money by loan of £500. £9.00 Buy
SE9169 1943 Apr 2013 ABERDEENSHIRE, ADHESIVE, WW2, CENSORSHIP - Plain P/C sent airmail to SWEDEN with pair 2½d tied ABERDEEN ***-**** machine cancel, good red CROWN/PASSED/P 88 censor framed mark inverted at lower left. £6.00 Buy
F3496 1905 Apr 2013 RAILWAY, EGYPT, CUMBERLAND - PPC showing PORT TEWFIK, SUEZ posted to CROGLIN, CASTLE, KIRKBY STEPHEN with ***-**** PORT SAID large and CARLISLE transit smaller s.r.'s, latter partly o'striking lightish but mainly *** NORTH WEST T.P.O. NIGHT DOWN s.r. £12.00 Buy
SE9182 1856 Apr 2013 RENFREWSHIRE - Env. with poor numeral of JOHNSTONE on 1d star (small edge fault at top) to Inspector of Poor in PAISLEY, showing fine Nr**** U/D/C HOUSTON on Rev. £22.00 Buy
SE9183 1839 Apr 2013 ANGUS - E to KINGS LYNN with *** DUNDEE HANDSTRUCK 4 on Obv., clear ***-**** framed DUNDEE/TOO LATE and DUNDEE DEC 25th boxed d.s. on Rev., alas the first line in address has been cut out and part of one inside flap gone. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £125.00 Buy
F3493 1820 Apr 2013 SURREY, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L ex CHOBHAM with good boxed No 4 r/House on Rev. to BAGSHOT where mainly *** One.Penny to Pay. s/line and Unfr. BAGSHOT (final 4 letters poor)/Penny Post both on Obv. and a rarely seen instructional marking. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £45.00 Buy
F0623 1824 Apr 2013 DORSET - Legal content E/L charged 7 to ANDOVER with Nr**** SHAFTESBURY 104 mileage between lines on Rev. and opens nicely to display....'this case has been so long in agitation that I am almost tired of it'. £10.00 Buy
SE9144 1877 Apr 2013 ADHESIVE, GLASGOW, OVERSEAS - Env. to COPENHAGEN franked fine ½d Plate 13 and pair 1d plates (these 2 folded over top edge) tied two sep. *** or better GLASGOW 2/bar duplexes. £12.50 Buy
SE9147 1819 Apr 2013 CAITHNESS - E/L charged 2/2½d ex WATTEN to EDINBURGH, posted with fair WICK 751-E boxed mileage (struck vert. on Obv. and final letter off top edge in each line). £8.00 Buy
SE9150 1802 Apr 2013 ROXBURGHSHIRE, FREE MAIL - FRONT franked G BAILLIE to LONDON with **-*** inv. KELSO circ. namestamp and fine red large CROWN/FREE for JUNE 2nd. £8.00 Buy
D2099 1858 Apr 2013 WARWICKSHIRE, LONDON, MACHINE - Small Env., (slight soils and small stain patch from seal) franked 1d star and tied 75% LEAMINGTON 3/bar HO duplex. On Rev. *** or better small s.r. type U/D/C UPPER PARADE RO (name around circle) and for good measure the cds portion of C RIDEOUT fine red machine cancel used on arrival. Flap a bit roughly opened but still a rare item if a little careworn. £20.00 Buy
E9095 1840 Apr 2013 LANCASHIRE, DUMFRIESSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - Neat E with DUMFRIES PAID boxed d.s. and matching red h/s 1 on Obv., a little o'struck by red framed d.s. of LIVERPOOL (L/date/G normally seen on transatlantic mails) all *** on Obv., endorsed 'Not Known at 21 Sth. John St.', further under-inked strike of same LIVERPOOL d.s. on the back so of equal interest to LIVERPOOL or DUMFRIES collector here. £8.50 Buy
SE9138 1806 Apr 2013 EAST LOTHIAN, BANKING - E/L enclosing a bill of exchange (no longer present!) to BANK in HADDINGTON but NO POSTAL CHARGE or PRE-PAYMENT - not drawn up as a Free either but has *** NORTH BERWICK circ. namestamp across Rev. fold so it clearly went through the postal system. £15.00 Buy
SE9139 1910 Apr 2013 EDINBURGH, OHMS, CACHET - Small printed E/L to ROTHESAY Solicitor showing fine triangular cachet SASINES & HORNINGS REGISTER (lion at left, trumpeter at right) and Nr**** red EDINBURGH POSTAGE PAID large s.r. (Mackay 1058) both on Obv. £5.00 Buy
SE9143 1964 Apr 2013 ABERDEENSHIRE, SLOGAN - We have about 20 diff. slogans all on commercially used Covers, please enquire or we can send a selection on approval, each........... £1.00 Buy
F3479 1968 Apr 2013 EXHIBITION, DERBYSHIRE - Small group of illustrated Covers for 50th PHILATELIC CONGRESS of GB used with 3 diff. special postmarks at BUXTON, available in same wording format but 3 different colour schemes and various pre-decimal Machin combinations, each as they come............ £2.00 Buy
G5210 1876 Apr 2013 LONDON, ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS - E to BORDEAUX franked 2½d rosy mauve Plate 2 tied 75% strike LONDON EC71 (part top bars off edge o'wise ***-****) duplex. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. Stamp cat. £160 on Cover. £20.00 Buy
C6259 1788 Apr 2013 HEREFORDSHIRE - E charged 4 to LUDLOW with ***-**** 2/line HERE/FORD on Rev., outer partly discoloured/grubby but very difficult mark to find before 1800, lettering in lower line not fully struck at base. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
A7588 1808 Apr 2013 ESSEX - E/L charged 4 to London with **-*** RUMFORD/12 boxed mileage on Obv., spike mark lower left. £12.00 Buy
B0324 1833 Apr 2013 ESSEX, FREE MAIL - Front with slightly faded but mainly *** if a bit oily ink Romford/Py Post rect. framed mark in red (most of lower frame line has failed to ink), signed 'Lennard', m/s 1 charge to NEWPORT in ESSEX. £7.50 Buy
F0772 1850 Apr 2013 LANCASHIRE, WORCESTERSHIRE, UPP - Turned & Re-used E/L from DUDLEY to LIVERPOOL and back, ***-**** blue DUDLEY d/arc inside and *** red h/s 1 alongside LIVERPOOL/PAID d/arc on Obv. (lightly creased). £10.00 Buy
E7355 1847 Apr 2013 SHROPSHIRE - E with large wax seal LILLESHALL OFFICE sent to James Loch in London (Factor to the Duke of Sutherland Estates) with 4mgn (close to good) 1d imperf. tied poor numeral of SHIFFNAL, its *** d/arc on Rev., pity no content for this one. There is a street named LILLESHALL in my home village of Helmsdale which started life more or less in the early 1800 period by the DUKE. £8.00 Buy
F3469 1844 Apr 2013 GLAMORGANSHIRE - E/L to CARDIFF showing **-*** U/D/C PONTYPRIDD slightly over the Rev. fold but is shown as RARITY GPO in C.Cat. The only one I can re-call ever seeing but others may be known by now. One outer side flap removed - VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
SE9128 1794 Apr 2013 BANFFSHIRE, BANKING - E/L from Wm REID (a local Bank Agent) to BOFS in HUNTLY showing *** or better BANFF on Rev., various banking transactions inside. £15.00 Buy
SE9129 1867 Apr 2013 EDINBURGH - Local E with ***-**** POSTED SINCE 10.30 LAST NIGHT *131* duplex (name and circle just a fraction doubled) scarce Richard Arundel type 28. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
F3470 1866 Apr 2013 ADHESIVE, LONDON, OVERSEAS - E/L (in French) to CONSUL GENERAL in BRUSSELS franked (sideways) wing margin 3d rose Plate 4 (SG92 - Cat. £425 on Cover) tied ***-**** LONDON EC/77 duplex. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS RARE STAMP IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £50.00 Buy
SE9131 1854 Apr 2013 WIGTOWNSHIRE - Mourning Env. (generally careworn, a bit grubby in places) franked 3+ margin 1d imperf hardly tied poor numeral of NEWTON STEWART, its orange cds on Reverse slightly o'struck by mainly *** blue U/D/C KIRKINNER. Not pristine but certainly hard to find. £15.00 Buy
C1194 1813 Apr 2013 STAFFORDSHIRE - E showing **-*** large NEWCASTLE U LYME 149 red circ. dated mileage on Obv. but crossed by toned filing fold, charged 10 to LONDON, a difficult mark in any condition. £8.00 Buy
G0132 1911 Apr 2013 HAMPSHIRE - PPC canc. fine Nr**** skeleton for ROMSEY dated either DEC 31st. £6.00 Buy
G3799 1826 Mar 2013 LANCASHIRE - E/L charged 1/10d to FREDr. HUTH & Co. in LONDON, showing *** MANCHESTER 187 red circ. dated mileage (25mm diam.) on Rev., from TAYLORS Son & Gibson ref. a remittance. £7.50 Buy
D0077 1794 Mar 2013 HEREFORDSHIRE - E/L charged 2 to WEOBLEY with ROSS well placed on Obv. (first letter poorish, rest mainly ***), a little toning/minor soils here and there but scarce to find.. £20.00 Buy
D0134 1888 Mar 2013 PERFIN, LONDON - VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP - E/L canc. good LONDON WC squared circle on PERFIN 1d lilac (REVERSED 'R & Co.') from ROWCLIFFES, Solicitors, central horiz. filing fold not affecting mark, minor soils here and there. £8.00 Buy
G1208 1885 Mar 2013 PERFIN, LONDON, ADHESIVE - Es all with scarce 1½d SG188 (Cat. £120 on Cover) perfin for GREGORY & Co. (Solicitors - identified from filing note but well known and about the commonest QV perfin) tied *** or better LONDON WC duplexes, 27, 9, 21, 7 etc. State any preferences or we will send 'as they come' - we have half a dozen or so - enough to go round - each.......... £20.00 Buy
G1209 1883 Mar 2013 PERFIN, ADHESIVE, LONDON - Group of Es with scarce 1½d SG167 (Cat. £150 on Cover) all PERFIN for GREGORY & Co. Solicitors (identified from filing note inside flap but well known and about the easiest QV perfin to obtain on Cover), all tied various LONDON WC duplexes - we have enough to go round - each as they come - £20.00 Buy
F3463 1935 Mar 2013 BEDFORDSHIRE, ADHESIVE, ADVERTISING - Pair of Envs. printed details for each Firm top left, both franked ***-**** LUTON, BEDS machine on 1d Silver Jubilee values, pair for.......... £7.00 Buy
F3461 1947 Mar 2013 EXHIBITION, ESSEX - Env. with *** CHELMSFORD, ESSEX d.r., illustrated on about half the front with red PAID 1d CHELMSFORD with arrows leading out to other Post Towns, 3rd Annual ESSEX PHIL SOCs CONVENTION. £5.00 Buy
D0145 1944 Mar 2013 PERFIN, BANKING, LONDON - Censored Env. to MINNEAPOLIS, USA franked 2½d PERFIN MB for MIDLAND BANK, fine LONDON F S machine cancel. Slightly over-size at 7 x 5". £5.00 Buy
D3011 1927 Mar 2013 PERFIN, LONDON, OVERSEAS - 1927 Small batch of commercial covers to Firm in MARSEILLES franked 2½d and PERFIN for various identified London Companies - KLEINWORT & SONS, J V DRAKE & Co. and CREDIT LYONNAIS. A few with minor opening faults etc. but duplication available and best obviously will be sold first, PLEASE SPECIFY IF ANY PREFERENCE, each priced from............ £4.00 Buy
D3775 1895 Mar 2013 PERFIN, REGISTERED - Smallest size F PS Regd. Env. with additional 1½d jubilee added (PERFIN 'DLR' but not identified) canc. inv. ***-**** REGISTERED/FINSBURY SO B O E C oval. £6.00 Buy
G0636 1936 Mar 2013 PERFIN, LANCASHIRE, LONDON - Printed WEATHER REPORT P/C returned to HUDDERSFIELD address with weakish **-*** POPLAR, LONDON machine showing ½d LCC (London County Council?) PERFIN. £5.00 Buy
SE1419 1888 Mar 2013 POLITICAL, DUMFRIESSHIRE, SOCIAL HISTORY - Small printed 'MOFFAT MUNICIPAL ELECTION' Circular from a Thomas Kennedy soliciting support, locally used with *** MOFFAT=256= small d.r. on ½d jubilee. £6.00 Buy
F0326 1949 Mar 2013 PERFIN, SURREY - 1949-1952 Small batch Printed P/Cs from Coroner locally being returned to LONG GROVE HOSPITAL with fine EPSOM, SURREY machine, 1d or 1½d rate PERFIN LG/H, each as they come............. £3.00 Buy
E2905 1919 Mar 2013 SUSSEX - PPC canc. *** or better BATTLE, SUSSEX skeleton dated ? JULY (day only has failed to strike and a couple of poorish letters in lower name). £5.00 Buy
SE1416 1885 Mar 2013 DUNBARTONSHIRE, ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS - Env. franked ½d slate and pair 1d lilac, tied two ***-**** HELENSBURGH=176= small d.r.'s, light creasing below adhesives, minor edge imperfections and a little careworn, to USA. £7.50 Buy
F2280 1851 Mar 2013 WALES, MONMOUTHSHIRE - E/L franked 3 margin 1d imperf not tied poor numeral (looks like another stamp top left at one time but fallen off?) showing *** COMMERCIAL St s/line blue Sub PO under MONMOUTH on Rev., few letters slightly o'struck on arrival. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £15.00 Buy
SE9121 1901 Mar 2013 EXHIBITION, GLASGOW - PPC (Cassiers Chromo-Litho view of river Clyde & Broomielaw Bridge) franked 1d lilac to AUSTRIA canc. ***-**** inv. EXHIBITION, GLASGOW d.r. £12.00 Buy
F3451 1960 Mar 2013 STAMP DEALER MAIL, ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS, INSTRUCTIONAL - Pair of similar small Envs. to MALAYA franked Welsh 3d defin tied LONDON WC WORLD REFUGEE YEAR slogan (I believe it was withdrawn as the waving hand alongside gave the impression of Queen thumbing her nose!) each undelivered with m/s notations and cachets - good pair for album page - J STEPHEN of COLWYN BAY large boxed violet cachets at left. £8.00 Buy
F3452 1917 Mar 2013 SOMERSET - PPC (col. view of GLASTONBURY) canc. clear KINGW....???/TAUN(TON) rubber which I can't make out from Mackay's book - rather weak on the portion covering the stamp so **-*** overall. £6.50 Buy
F3453 1925 Mar 2013 BERKSHIRE - PPC (corner creasing) canc. Nr**** HEADLEY, NEWBURY, BERKS rubber. £9.00 Buy
F3454 1932 Mar 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - Thunderstorm Census P/C to Morris Bower tied *** BISHOPS STORTFORD machine cancel, some light vertical creasing. £4.00 Buy
G9990 1925 Mar 2013 LONDON - Size G small PS Regd. Env. canc. REGISTERED, STRAND, SOUTHAMPTON St W.C.2 oval rubber adjacent inv. REGISTERED, WEST KENSINGTON W.14 oval, both fine strikes and an attractive little Cover, small flap repair lower right corner. £5.00 Buy
F2560 1923 Mar 2013 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Smallest size F PS REGd. Env. with 1½d added to PARIS canc. inv. fair and *** sep. inv. oval REGISTERED for LEICESTER SQUARE B.O. W.C.2. £4.00 Buy
F3445 1856 Mar 2013 LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS - E/L (not in English) pre-paid 8 to AMSTERDAM with Nr**** red MANCHESTER d/arc on Obv., just o'struck by *** small 2/line Engeland/Franco just touching ***-**** orange PAID s.r. of LONDON, endorsed 'via Ostend' all on Obv. £12.00 Buy
F3449 1849 Mar 2013 DERBYSHIRE, RAILWAY - Partly printed acknowledgement of remittance E/L franked 4 margin 1d tied ***-**** =6= HO numeral of ALFRETON and has **-*** U/D/C BUTTERLEY in blue on back, minor toning patches at edges of Rev. £15.00 Buy
B4979 1835 Mar 2013 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - E (slight age toning on front and on horiz. filing fold) originally sent to WELFORD, NORTHAMPTON-SHIRE but has received *** 2/line Unfr. MISSENT TO/NORTHAMPTON on front, charged 8 ex St.ALBANS with poor part d/arc of origin on Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £40.00 Buy
D2083 1792 Mar 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - E/L (another page missing, a great pity as it looks good chatty content) charged 6 to LONDON (old stamp hinge repaired tear through address panel) showing o'inked St.ALBANS across Rev. fold, 'St' badly o'inked, rest legible ***. Budget example of a RARE marking. £15.00 Buy
SE1893 1807 Mar 2013 BANFFSHIRE - E/L to BANFF (origin looks like BADENSPINK?) unusually with no sign of any charge marks but not drawn up as a FREE letter, showing only **-*** light BANFF on Rev. £12.00 Buy
F3442 1916 Mar 2013 ADVERTISING, OVERSEAS, LANCASHIRE - Env. sent with 2½d to COPENHAGEN canc. *** LEIGH d.r., large pictorial advertising machine top left, about 20% obscured by OPENED BY CENSOR label, from HARRISON, McGREGOR & Co. £12.00 Buy
C3451 1941 Mar 2013 LONDON, POSTAL STATIONERY, OVERSEAS - 2½d PSEnv. with added ½d and 1/- GEO VI adhesives to make the 1/3d rate AIRMAIL to DORCHESTER, Mass. USA, single *** PADDINGTON 'Post Early for Christmas' slogan. Cover a little roughly opened top centre and stamps with minor faults. £5.00 Buy
G2511 1912 Mar 2013 LONDON, OVERSEAS, BANKING - Small PSRegd. Env. to BANK in GUATEMALA (RP26G) up-rated with penny halfpenny adhesive, tied 2 x not quite *** REGISTERED, LOMBARD St.B.O.E.C. oval rubber cancels showing part red wax seal lower right from LLOYDS BANK, tip of one corner has been cut off for some reason but a scarcer destination to find again. £6.00 Buy
F3436 1940 Mar 2013 MILITARY, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, LEICESTERSHIRE - Env. with 2½d Centenary commem (last year in date not clear) and has fine printed vignette on backflap - LEICESTERSHIRE, PRINCE ALBERT'S OWN YEO. SOUTH AFRICA 1900-02 including crest and Prince of Wales feathers. £4.00 Buy
F3437 1907 Mar 2013 GLAMORGANSHIRE - PPC (col. view line up of Welsh Cockle girls) with Nr**** PENARTH large skeleton for APR 26th. £5.00 Buy
F3441 1908 Mar 2013 NORFOLK, CHRISTMAS - c.7 x 5" Env. with original NORWICH CHRISTMAS CARD still inside (backflap missing, minor peripheral wear/foxing) canc. 70% (NOR)WICH =24= d.r. to HASLEMERE. £10.00 Buy
F3429 1889 Mar 2013 LONDON, ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS - Smallest size F PS REGd. Env. franked 2½d jubilee to HAMBURG tied ***-**** REGISTERED, LONDON N.W. oval, Nr**** PARK St., CAMDEN TOWN N.W. sub PO s.r. at lower left - a little beuty. £6.50 Buy
F3432 1936 Mar 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE, OVERSEAS, USA, INSTRUCTIONAL - Env. with re-engraved KGV 1½d to CALIFORNIA, USA where re-directed but with several UNCLAIMED handstamps and other markings, printed heading at top ROTHAMSTED EXPERIMENTAL STATION, HARPENDEN (*-** d.r. cancel has mostly failed to ink) and has mainly *** framed UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED etc. also Retour and DEFICIENCY in ADDRESS SUPPLIED etc. £6.50 Buy
SE6212 1857 Mar 2013 ROXBURGHSHIRE - Env. (creased at base of address, not certain of final digit in date) with 1d star poorly cancelled by numeral of MELROSE, showing *** blue U/D/C DARNICK on Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £18.00 Buy
F3419 1908 Mar 2013 ENGLISH ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN - PPC (creased lower right corner) canc. *** or better BALLASALLA ISLE OF MAN s.r. at.....£5.00 also 1903 with Nr**** smaller s.r. of PORT ERIN at...... £4.00 Buy
F3421 1905 Mar 2013 LONDON, OVERSEAS - 1d PSEnv. up-rated to SWITZERLAND with 1½d, canc. 2 sep. *** or better HIGHBURY S.O. d.r.'s, minor surface marks. £6.00 Buy
F3422 1933 Mar 2013 ADVERTISING, LONDON, OVERSEAS - Small batch of 1½d PSEnvs. with purple belted oval vignette for PRICE's PATENT CANDLE COMPANY up-rated with 1d to DENMARK, canc. ***-**** BATTERSEA machine cancel, each as they come............ £3.50 Buy
F3423 1898 Mar 2013 SURREY, ADHESIVE, OVERSEAS - 2½d PSEnv. up-rated to PARIS with 2½d jubilee tied 3 mainly *** WOKING d.r.'s (one partly off top edge), some peripheral creasing at base of Cover. £8.00 Buy
F3415 1924 Mar 2013 SUSSEX, OVERSEAS - Env. with 2 x 1½d (placed lower right corner and tied poor and fair HASTINGS d.r's) to CHINA 'via Siberia' - the Cover cancelled at top by normal ***-**** HASTINGS machine - two cancellations for this town on the one Cover. £8.00 Buy
SE9115 1907 Mar 2013 SCOTTISH ISLANDS, SHETLAND - Greetings PPC canc. ***-**** UYEASOUND, LERWICK s.r. (part of 'EA' and rim off edge) to BRAE. £9.00 Buy
F3223 1884 Feb 2013 ESSEX - Small printed E/L from ESSEX WEEKLY NEWS re advertising, franked ½d green with Nr**** CHELMSFORD 3/bar VO duplex, to BRAINTREE. Sorry I got the description wrong on previous list. £6.00 Buy
F3395 1913 Feb 2013 CHANNEL ISLANDS, JERSEY, OVERSEAS - PPC (fine anim. view of the promenade looking east) sent to PARIS with 1d tied *** JERSEY d.r., re-directed within FRANCE and has small encircled 1/14 handstamp - possibly an Inspector's mark? at base of address. £4.00 Buy
F3399 1897 Feb 2013 MILITARY, HAMPSHIRE - Env. (complete but a bit roughly opened) franked 1d lilac tied fine ALDERSHOT CAMP s.r. £7.00 Buy
F3401 1911 Feb 2013 MARITIME, WALES - PPC of Happy Valley LLANDUDNO canc. *** MENAI BRIDGE S.O. ANGLESEY, alongside fine POSTED ON LA MARGUERITE violet d.r. cachet, message in pencil has had a later bold 'S S CEDRIC NEW YORK post for Saturday's mail' added also in pencil on top of the original one. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £50.00 Buy
F3403 1840 Feb 2013 SHROPSHIRE, INSTRUCTIUONAL - E/L sent JAN 22nd to DOLGELLY with SHREWSBURY d/arc on Rev. fold and framed TOO LATE (part of E and frame off edge) both *** markings. £9.00 Buy
F3405 1958 Feb 2013 EXHIBITION - Selection of illustrated Covers produced from late '50s to early '60s for various PHILATELIC CONGRESSES with matching special large postmarks, priced per item from............ £2.00 Buy
F3407 1912 Feb 2013 ADVERTISING, LONDON - Env. from WILCOX & FROST Hay & Produce merchant posted with *** SOUTH LAMBETH d.r. with their printed details on Obv. along top, also has original Letterhead inside of impressive style. £5.00 Buy
F3389 1937 Feb 2013 ADHESIVE, MIDDLESEX, OVERSEAS - 2 Envs. sent Airmail to same person in INDIA with KGV 6d on each, canc. ***-**** TWICKENHAM, MIDDX machine and the other by Nr**** d.r., former re-directed within India and will make nice pair on album page, the 2 items for........... £9.00 Buy
F3391 1911 Feb 2013 BERKSHIRE - PPC canc. FYFIELD (part weak and off top edge) ABINGDON rubber, rest much better so *** overall. £6.00 Buy
F3381 1922 Feb 2013 NORFOLK - PPC canc. ***-**** NORTHREPPS, NORWICH slightly distended rubber, to POLICE STATION at EATON, NORWICH. £8.50 Buy
F3383 1940 Feb 2013 ESSEX, OVERSEAS, MEDICAL - Env. franked 1½d to HOSPITAL in COPENHAGEN canc. Nr**** SOUTHEND-ON-SEA machine, OPENED BY/CENSOR 960 PC66 label. £3.50 Buy
F3385 1824 Feb 2013 LONDON - E (no side flaps) showing *** (under-inked) HIGHGATE large s.r. across Rev. fold. £8.00 Buy
F3386 1837 Feb 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - E charged 7 to LONDON with *** U/D/C ROYSTON part o'struck by stronger red arrival double rim cds on Rev., remnants of stamp hinge mounts on Obv. £9.00 Buy
B5241 1906 Feb 2013 ESSEX - 3 x PPCs (all BRENTWOOD views) with BRENTWOOD skeletons - *** or better DEC 15th £5, Nr**** DEC 31st £6 and best of the 3 is JAN 23rd 1912 available at...... £6.00 Buy
B0977 1814 Feb 2013 ESSEX - E/L with RUMFORD 12 mileage (not sure as Cat. 2nd edition describes as type 30? or 40? as no bars visible and figs. rather weak, name *** and appears to be 35-36mm length) well placed on front. Some minor general age toning, more so down a filing fold near left but still quite difficult to locate when you want an example. £12.00 Buy
E4510 1945 Feb 2013 MILITARY, WW2, INSTRUCTIONAL, OHMS - 1945-46 Small group of covers all re-used with black on white OHMS labels for WAR ECONOMY, please ask for selection, some with additional Dept. cachets etc., as they come, average per item around - £3.00 Buy
E9270 1942 Feb 2013 MILITARY, WW2 - cir. Un-dated O.A.S. cover to MARCONI HOUSE, CHELMSFORD showing good 8 sided violet A/3 framed censor? mark on the front, endorsed MARITIME MAIL from a Radio Officer G S WHITE c/o NATIONAL BANK OF AUSTRALIA in LONDON, giving scope for research here for naval interest. £6.00 Buy
G1962 1895 Feb 2013 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Small batch of QV ½d Newspaper Wrappers, mostly to GERMANY but one to DANZIG noticed, with a variety of circular barred =FB= and NPB of LONDON - average price each as they come........... £3.00 Buy
G3420 1988 Feb 2013 ESSEX, OVERSEAS, INSTRUCTIONAL - Batch of around 20 similar 8 x 4" business window Envs. from ACCESS in SOUTHEND ON SEA - all RETURNED TO SENDER with a good variety of labels and instructional markings - mostly to OVERSEAS COUNTRIES such as NORWAY, FIELD POs, U A E, TANGIER, JAPAN, JAVA, HONG KONG, AUSTRALIA, USA and a variety of internal GB destinations. Offered as they come, interesting postal history rescued from the wastepaper basket, each....... £1.50 Buy
F0646 1919 Feb 2013 ESSEX - Cat PPC canc. Nr**** HEMPSTEAD, SAFFRON WALDEN rubber, struck sideways. £9.00 Buy
F3377 1932 Feb 2013 LANCASHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - Env. sent with Nr**** BLACKPOOL, LANCS machine to MANCHESTER but has *** framed Insufficiently Addressed/498, **-*** LEVENSHULME, MANCHESTER d.r. (top name mostly poor) and fine MANCHESTER large s.r. all on Obv. £4.00 Buy
E2208 1851 Feb 2013 DERBYSHIRE, YORKSHIRE - E (no side flaps) ex LEEDS with good =447= HO numeral on cut into 1d imperf. showing **-*** blue/green 'Hathersage' in lower case arrival mark (under BAKEWELL) on Rev., unusual thus on ingoing mail. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £15.00 Buy
F3366 1937 Feb 2013 ROYALTY, LONDON - Env. with Letter inside headed BUCKINGHAM PALACE from Lady in Waiting (acknowledging some verses received) unsigned, to RYDE, IOW with fine and rare CROWN/GRI/VI double rim encircled cypher lower left, canc. Nr**** red LONDON SW1 Gt. BRITAIN OFFICIAL PAID machine, tiny fault lower left corner where opened along left edge. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £60.00 Buy
F3361 1838 Feb 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE, NORFOLK - E originally charged 1/1 to NEWPORT Nr BISHOPS STORTFORD where fair (faint weak red colour) 3/line Bishops/Stortford/Penny Post struck on Obv., ***-**** YARMOUTH NORFOLK d/arc of origin on Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
F3350 1939 Feb 2013 BELGIUM, ILLUSTRATED, RELIGION - 1F PSPC illustrated at left with religious scene, fine ANTWERPEN pictorial slogan, to UK, slight creasing. £4.00 Buy
SE9093 1882 Feb 2013 ANGUS - Small printed COUNTY RATES Notice for BROUGHTY FERRY property THE GROVE, franked ½d green (o'wrtn. by small filing note) tied ***-**** FORFAR 3/bar duplex. £6.00 Buy
F3344 1819 Feb 2013 BANKING, LONDON - E/L ex BANK of ENGLAND charged 1/1 to RBOFS EDINBURGH (*** boxed ½) signed by HENRY HASE the Chief Cashier. £45.00 Buy
F3331 1901 Feb 2013 ADHESIVE, OXFORDSHIRE, OVERSEAS - Pair of Envs. each franked 2½d jubilee to VIENNA, fine OXFORD =1= and ***-**** OXFORD =3= d.r.'s, offered as a pair for album page............ £10.00 Buy
F3333 1832 Feb 2013 OXFORDSHIRE - E/L charged 8 then 10 to BUCKINGHAM, showing ***-**** s/line BURFORD (mileage erased) on Rev., part lightly o'struck by weak red LONDON transit cds. £15.00 Buy
F3336 1840 Feb 2013 YORKSHIRE - E/L charged 4 to LONDON with ***-**** YORK d/arc on Rev., sent within the UNIFORM 4d POST. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £30.00 Buy
F3328 1943 Feb 2013 NAVAL, SUFFOLK - Env. with 2½d to HMS VINCENT at GOSPORT, ***-**** IPSWICH, SUFFOLK machine, minor edge imperfections where opened at left. £5.00 Buy
F3325 1922 Feb 2013 DORSET - Small size G PS REGd. Env. up-rated with ½d and 1d all canc. *** WIMBORNE and better s.r.'s. £5.00 Buy
F3326 1860 Feb 2013 RAILWAY, LONDON - FRONT & PART BANK ONLY franked 1d star tied *** LONDON duplex (large 3 in bars section v.faint, name and circle clear) adjacent ***-**** small encircled E/NR TPO to the DUNDEE BANKING COMPANY at BROUGHTY FERRY. £12.00 Buy
F3323 1832 Feb 2013 LONDON - E/L charged 1/1 to ALNWICK with *** step type framed TP/Pimlico on Rev., lightly o'struck by red oval London time mark. £7.50 Buy
F3324 1914 Feb 2013 NORFOLK - PPC canc. ***-**** LINGWOOD, NORWICH rubber (small part OD and rim off top edge, a shade under-inked) on col. view of CWM WOODS near ABERYSTWYTH. £7.50 Buy
SE9089 1934 Feb 2013 SCOTTISH ISLANDS, ORKNEY - PO duplicate receipt c.5 x 2" on plain paper canc. *** BURWICK, St MARGARETS HOPE, ORKNEY rubber (to the postmaster at Kirkwall) the middle name not really legible but rest ***-****. £8.00 Buy
E9817 1830 Jan 2013 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - Legal/financial E/L charged 7d (8d on Rev. = local 1d extra delivery?) originally addressed to WRINGTON Nr BRISTOL but this seems to have been scored out before it was posted and 'BLAGDON' Somerset added instead. Much under-inked WOTTON UNDER EDGE U/D/C (almost albino but readable on the back), not an easy hand to read. £8.50 Buy
SE9088 1841 Jan 2013 STIRLINGSHIRE - E (no side flaps) with fine FALKIRK (PAID erased) boxed d.s. alongside PAID s.r. of arrival at EDINBURGH, Nr**** splendid strikes in different red inks on Obv. to RBOFS. £6.00 Buy
E5429 1841 Jan 2013 ADHESIVE, LINE ENGRAVED, LANCASHIRE - E franked 2mgn 1d imperf. (G-C, from BLACK PLATE VIII) just tied Nr**** MALTESE CROSS of LIVERPOOL. Adhesive shaved along base and into on 4th side but a very neat and clean cover. £12.00 Buy
F3314 1903 Jan 2013 DERBYSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - Env. sent from BIRMINGHAM to a boatman but is endorsed 'not known' and has mainly *** CASTLE DONNINGTON s.r. on Obv. alongside DERBY s.r. and framed Not to be found/242 and has further two diff. DERBY s.r.'s on back, ***-**** markings. £8.00 Buy
F3310 1908 Jan 2013 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - PPC (KEVII adhesive but year not certain) tied K85 3VOS of KINGS SUTTON, its s.r. alongside with MC*P clock code, *** markings and scarce to find. £6.00 Buy
F3311 1930 Jan 2013 ROYALTY, LONDON, CACHET - Special Registered Env. embossed centre right TREASURER TO THE KING showing ***-**** red REGISTERED LONDON S W OFFICIAL PAID hooded d.s. and fine REGISTERED, BUCKINGHAM PALACE violet oval (both inv. strikes) top right, Nr**** LORD STEWARD/CROWN/P.H./BUCKINGHAM PALACE violet cachet at lower left. VIEW THIS RARE COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £45.00 Buy
SE9086 1841 Jan 2013 SCOTTISH ISLANDS, SHETLAND - E with fair red h/s 1 of LERWICK on Obv. to EDINBURGH. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
D1798 1832 Jan 2013 DEVON - E/L ex TORQUAY charged 1/- to LONDON with *** Unfr. No.1 r/House on front. On Rev., mainly *** Unfr. Teignmouth/Penny Post but o'struck and weak in centre, on arrival. YOU CAN VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS LETTER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
G4113 1969 Jan 2013 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Slight toned small PS Regd. Env., up-rated to DENMARK with 4d Concorde Commem. but poor oval cancel REGISTERED, LONDON (*** strike on Rev.) showing, at lower left, large green boxed cachet 'POS(TED)/OU(T OF)/COU(RSE)/I.S. but has failed to ink on right half of the wording - not one I can re-call seeing before. £5.00 Buy
G4040 1945 Jan 2013 SURREY, OVERSEAS, WW2, MILITARY - Batch of a dozen or so 6d airletters to MEDITERRANEAN ALLIED AIR FORCE HQ UNIT, all canc. fair to fine KINGSTON ON THAMES machine, each as they come......... £4.00 Buy
F3305 1835 Jan 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - E charged 11 to BARNARD CASTLE with *** or better BUNTINGFORD (mileage erased) top right on Obv. £15.00 Buy
F3306 1922 Jan 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - Small size F PS REGd. Env. canc. CHRISHALL, ROYSTON, HERTS *** and Nr**** sep. rubbers, the better lower one part o'struck by mainly *** ROYSTON M O & S B s.r. Small piece of flap missing at lower corner but RARE combination to find again. £12.00 Buy
B6926 1909 Jan 2013 MARITIME, SPAIN, HAMPSHIRE - Slightly careworn PPC ex SPAIN to BOSTON, LINCS, poorly canc. 10c adhesive (faults) but Nr**** SOUTHAMPTON/SHIP LETTER s.r. alongside. £8.00 Buy
E3732 1829 Jan 2013 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL, LONDON - Legacy Duties printed E/L ex LONDON charged 9 to NAWTON? Gloucester (latter scored through and 'STOW' added in another hand) showing oval framed MISSENT/TO/GL(OUCES)TER inv. on front - 5 central letters poor in lowest line o'wise fine. £35.00 Buy
F3299 1914 Jan 2013 SHROPSHIRE - PPC canc. ***-**** BURLTON, SHREWSBURY upright rubber. £8.50 Buy
SE9082 1919 Jan 2013 DUMFRIESSHIRE - PPC canc. ***-**** DURISDEER, THORNHILL upright rubber, printed distant view of the village has minor corner wear. £10.00 Buy
F3301 1841 Jan 2013 ADHESIVE, LONDON - Env. franked 4 margin 1d imperf (Plate 14) just tied *** M/X to LONDON but unfortunately the origin red cds is illegible as hardly any of name struck, it appears to be large red s.r. used in LONDON area but I wouldn't want to guess, small part of backflap missing and has filing notes down left of Obv. £20.00 Buy
F3303 1833 Jan 2013 CORNWALL - E/L (another page missing) pre-paid 7 to EXETER with **-*** Unfr. PAID AT/LAUNCESTON (poorish or unstruck letters in centre of handstamp but SCARCE TO FIND) clear of writing on Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
SE9083 1835 Jan 2013 DUMFRIESSHIRE, FREE MAIL - Wrapper with original lengthy Letter inside to MP in LONDON where fine virt. *** single rim CROWN FREE added (no code below dated 9th JUNE, filing notes at left just on to address area), sent with 2 sep. **-*** and mainly *** framed LOCKERBY showing route and mileage completely erased with bottom half of outer frame, on Rev. £10.00 Buy
A7483 1834 Jan 2013 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - E/L charged 9 to London with ***-**** but across Rev. fold KETTERING mileage erased, some faults and brown toning mainly inside right hand flap. £12.00 Buy
SE9077 1836 Jan 2013 BANFFSHIRE, FREE MAIL - E/L sent without charge to ELGIN with *** CULLEN on Obv. (slightly under-inked) - an ABUSE OF the FREE PRIVILEGE as written by someone other than the person who franked it. £12.00 Buy
SE9080 1827 Jan 2013 STIRLINGSHIRE - E/L charged 6½ to EDINBURGH with *** FALKIRK 425-E boxed mileage on Rev., crossed by filing fold and looks like a well worn handstamp. £7.50 Buy
F3296 1792 Jan 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - E/L charged 3 to LONDON showing much under-inked 31 BISHOPS/STORTFORD rarely seen 1st TYPE mileage on Rev., poor with odd better letter is about the best we can say - better than an empty space in the album £20.00 Buy
F3297 1941 Jan 2013 YORKSHIRE - 3 small PS REGd Envs to furnisher in HULL canc. fair REGISTERED, BRIDLINGTON partly o'lapped ovals (size G) and 2 smallest size F each with *** BRIDLINGTON, YORKSHIRE s.r.'s, collected by someone studying REGd. etiquettes as these 3 are all different so am offering as a little group of 3 for........... £11.00 Buy
F3278 1910 Jan 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC (col. view HOWARDS HALL, LETCHWORTH GARDEN CITY, slight corner crease top right) canc. ***-**** WELWYN d.r. adjacent *** or better violet rubber HARMER GREEN, WELWYN. £7.50 Buy
F3279 1904 Jan 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC (buildings at the Springs, Ashwell) canc. ***-**** ROYSTON, HERTS upright large skeleton for JAN 15th. £6.00 Buy
F3280 1912 Jan 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC canc. ***-**** RADLETT, HERTS upright skeleton for AUG 8th 23mm diam. £6.00 Buy
SE9074 1806 Jan 2013 BANFFSHIRE - E/L charged 7 to ABERDEEN merchant with **-*** under-inked PORTSOY across Rev. fold. £12.00 Buy
F3282 1911 Jan 2013 ADHESIVE, LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS - Env. to BELGIUM franked 2d and ½d tied ***-**** LIVERPOOL S.D. machine, couple of tiny foxing spots below address area, fine 26 in circle POSTMENS' number lower right. £8.50 Buy
F3284 1834 Jan 2013 SHROPSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L pre-paid 5 to ELLESMERE with SHREWSBURY d/arc and tablet type framed TOO LATE - both fine on Rev., slight red ink offsets on back just affecting the cds only. £12.00 Buy
F3267 1823 Jan 2013 LONDON - TURNED & RE-USED E/L but only fair Unfr. oval Two Py Post/Unpaid/Tottenham CT Rd? just crossed by filing note at right on Obv., **-*** (creased) step type fr. T P/City Road inside and Nr**** octagonal 7 NIGHT 7 timed datestamp in black. Minor edge faults and archival tape strengthening. £10.00 Buy
F3269 1856 Jan 2013 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Stampless E/L pre-paid 4 to PARIS from KLEINWORT & COHEN on financial matters, ***-**** large red LONDON/PAID d/arc on Obv. but o'struck by French TPO, fine oval red fr. PD adjacent. £8.00 Buy
F3270 1834 Jan 2013 LONDON - E/L with *** red fr. Duke St M-S (final letter o'inked but rest clear) on Obv. £6.00 Buy
F3271 1823 Jan 2013 LONDON - Local E/L showing *** or better red fr. 7 NIGHT 7 red framed time mark WITH 2nd 7 REVERSED on back which will open to display, L464A. £30.00 Buy
F3273 1825 Jan 2013 YORKSHIRE, FREE MAIL - E/L (slight discolouration on lower third of front and a couple of stamp hinge mounting remnants) with CROWN FREE (single rim, no code below dated 28th DEC) on Obv. and BRIDLINGTON 243 mileage between lines across Rev. fold, ***-**** markings. £15.00 Buy
F3276 1824 Jan 2013 HUNTINGDONSHIRE - E/L charged 8 to LONDON with ***-**** St IVES 65 mileage between lines on Rev., closed tear on part of address panel but neatly repaired with proper archival tape. £12.00 Buy
E1196 1837 Jan 2013 NORFOLK - E/L charged 7 to NORWICH with **-*** WATTON (mileage erased) on Rev. (NK449) under-inked but hard to find. £8.00 Buy
G0414 1838 Jan 2013 NORFOLK - E/L charged 10d to CHESTER showing mainly *** (weak one side) U/D/C HARLING on Rev. £8.00 Buy
SE9060 1798 Jan 2013 AYRSHIRE - E/L charged 5 to EDINBURGH with *** s/line BEITH on Rev., better arrival RED BISHOPMARK across the fold. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
SE9062 1810 Jan 2013 WEST LOTHIAN - E/L ex CARRIDEN (can't quite make out the year in EDINBURGH arrival red d.s., un-dated inside) charged 5 with BORROW/STOUNNESS/416-E scarce boxed mileage on Obv., slightly o'inked and not quite *** overall. £10.00 Buy
SE9045 1855 Jan 2013 MORAYSHIRE - Grubby Env. with poor/fair ELGIN numeral on 1d star, showing bold ***-**** U/D/C LLANBRYDE in dark green on Rev., part lightly o'struck by fair ABERDEEN transit d/arc, small ink mark near but not affecting. £20.00 Buy
D3749 1859 Jan 2013 DEVON - Env. franked (light crease through base) 1d star tied ***-**** =29= HO numeral of ASHBURTON with mainly *** green U/D/C BUCKFASTLEIGH on Rev., first few letters not fully struck. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £12.00 Buy
F3241 1942 Jan 2013 NAVAL, LANCASHIRE - Grubby Env. sent to HMS WHITEHAVEN with red POST OFFICE/MARITIME MAIL 2/line machine cancel, re-directed with 2½d stamp canc. fine OPENSHAW, MANCHESTER machine. Interesting Cover with postage paid in two different ways. £6.00 Buy
F3243 1955 Jan 2013 NAVAL - c.1950s Env. ex HMS EAGLE franked ½d Wilding tied POST OFFICE MARITIME/MAIL 2/line machine, origin address on back but no contents. £5.00 Buy
G0284 1802 Jan 2013 LONDON, LANCASHIRE - E charged 9d to LONDON with fair 206/LIVERPOOL/date in 3/lines on Obv., showing red LONDON arrival d.s. MAR V with 'V' used instead of 5 on Rev., the year and part of lower rim has failed to ink but the top section of the date is very clear. RARE ERROR L13A which YOU CAN VIEW AS AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £85.00 Buy
F3228 1856 Dec 2012 DEVON - Env. (creased through 1d star and =567= of NEWTON ABBOT) with Nr**** U/D/C IPPLEPEN in blue/green on Rev., only the arrival part cds of ASHBURTON on back, no NEWTON ABBOT cds. £22.00 Buy
F3231 1849 Dec 2012 LONDON - Small Env. to NEW COLLEGE, OXFORD franked almost 4 margin 1d imperf canc. *** =24= in diamond numeral (stamp with small faults) s/line Sub PO Grenville St in blue on Rev., part o'struck on arrival but still all clear and Nr**** strike. £10.00 Buy
SB5866 1882 Dec 2012 PEEBLESSHIRE - Lightly creased Env. sent WITHOUT ADHESIVE and canc. Nr**** inv. PEEBLES small s.r. (top right where the stamp would have been) but NO POSTAGE DUE MARKINGS raised so seems it got through locally OK ! UNUSUAL. £6.00 Buy
SE3315 1869 Dec 2012 Neat small Env. sent un-stamped to PEEBLES with *** EARLSTON large s/arc of origin on Rev. and ***-**** MELROSE transit s.r. on Obv., unusually charged 4d m/s as posted un-stamped. The charge actually done twice although once has been scored through to cancel, small part flap missing. £8.00 Buy
F3227 1855 Dec 2012 DEVON - E with 1d star tied inv. =567= HO numeral of NEWTON ABBOT (lightly creased through stamp and mark) showing U/D/C KNIGHTON in blue/green on Rev., both marks ***-****. £20.00 Buy
F3225 1840 Dec 2012 FREE MAIL, DERBYSHIRE - FRONT with ***-**** double rim CROWN FREE (no code below dated 6th JAN) sent within the short lived UNIFORM 4d POST period, DERBY to BRIGHTON, small portion of the CROWN just off top edge. £10.00 Buy
SE9025 1818 Dec 2012 GLASGOW, DUMFRIESSHIRE - E/L charged 8½ to GLASGOW with poor MOFFAT boxed mileage on Obv., part o'struck by good 3/line GLASGOW Unfr. arrival dated mileage. £7.50 Buy
F3220 1903 Dec 2012 LANCASHIRE, OVERSEAS - Small size G PS REGd. Env. with 1d and ½d added to VIENNA each tied mainly *** MOSLEY St. B.O. MANCHESTER s.r.'s, opened along top edge which may have been trimmed a shade. £6.00 Buy
SE9020 1815 Dec 2012 LANARKSHIRE, GLASGOW - E charged 7½ to GLASGOW with DOUGLAS C-378 and GLASGOW dated 405-G boxed mileages on Obv., slightly toned filing fold down centre affecting latter and strikes only fair but nice to compare both types of mileage mark on the one Cover. £10.00 Buy
SE9024 1821 Dec 2012 LANARKSHIRE - E charged 5½ to HAMILTON PALACE with slightly o'inked ***-**** LESMAHAGO 380-C (route letter poor but rest all clear) top right on Obv. SCARCE. £12.00 Buy
F3211 1809 Dec 2012 CUMBERLAND - E/L charged 1/-? to LONDON with COCKERMOUTH mileage between lines on Obv., figs. and couple central letters have failed to strike o'wise mainly ***. £10.00 Buy
SE9016 1947 Dec 2012 ABERDEENSHIRE, POST OFFICE RELATED - Issued Vacancy Form for SUB POSTMASTER/MISTRESS at GARTLY STATION (may be slightly trimmed (not as big as today's A4 size) accompanied by the original architect plan of proposed shop and office space etc. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
E7773 1912 Dec 2012 DEVON - PPC (fine RP of NICKELLS TEA GARDENS with tables and benches laid out awaiting customers) tied ***-**** STOKE IN TEIGNHEAD/TEIGNMOUTH rubber. £10.00 Buy
F3208 1908 Dec 2012 DEVON - PPC (good col. view of HOLCOMBE village) canc. fine TEIGNMOUTH skeleton for SEP 24th. £5.00 Buy
G9349 1913 Nov 2012 MARITIME, WALES, LANCASHIRE - PPC (year not 100% certain, view of LLANDUDNO BAY, corner crease) sent with fair LIVERPOOL machine cancel, v.scarce violet circular cachet POSTED ON LA MARGUERITE clear of writing, part of 'POSTED' has failed to ink but rest fine - much harder to find than the 2/line one for this steamer - has previous dealer's rather optimistic £70 pricing! VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £45.00 Buy
D2087 1853 Nov 2012 YORKSHIRE - E canc. at LEEDS but numeral only fair, showing blue Nr**** U/D/C GOMERSAL on Rev., minor soils here and there but will open to display nicely. £18.00 Buy
F3204 1923 Nov 2012 HAMPSHIRE - PPC canc. Nr**** CLANFIELD, COSHAM, HANTS rubber. £9.00 Buy
F3205 1907 Nov 2012 RAILWAY, RADNORSHIRE - PPC (final year not struck, rest all ***-****) canc. inverted PEN Y BONT STATION, RADNORSHIRE s.r. £5.00 Buy
SE9008 1816 Nov 2012 EDINBURGH, MIDLOTHIAN, BANKING - E/L to BANK OF SCOTLAND, GREENOCK ref. retiring bill of exchange etc., pre-paid 8½ with good red encircled PAID/AT/EDINr/date on Obv., small remnants of tape mounting on back but frontally fine. £8.00 Buy
SE9009 1812 Nov 2012 STIRLINGSHIRE - E/L re property assessment appeal for 2 years previously, charged 4 to FALKIRK with under-inked but readable **-*** STIRLING 431-E small boxed mileage on Obv. £7.50 Buy
F3199 1824 Nov 2012 LANCASHIRE - E/L charged 8 to Rev. JOS NEWTON in NOTTINGHAM with ***-**** MANCHESTER 185 small red circ. dated mileage on Rev., an application from DUNDEE & Co. for an overdue a/c. £7.50 Buy
E2787 1905 Nov 2012 CHANNEL ISLANDS - Mainly KEVII seln. of PPCs and covers (a few later reigns cheaper items as well) showing ***-**** strikes of various Chan. Is. Offices - VALE Rd/GUERNSEY, CATEL, FALDOUET, BEAUMONT/JERSEY, St.JOHN'S CHURCH, GROUVILLE, FIRST TOWER, SAMARES, St.MARTINS/GUERNSEY are available - average price per item - £5.00 Buy
F3189 1906 Nov 2012 SOMERSET - PPC (RP multi-view Snapshots around WILLITON) with Nr**** crisp WEST QUANTOXHEAD, BRIDGEWATER upright violet rubber. £9.00 Buy
F3193 1916 Nov 2012 NAVAL, WW1, FRANCE - Un-dated PPC to LONDON with h/s CEN(IW)SOR violet marking of R.N.A.S. at DUNKIRK, part o'wrtn. by Censor's initials. £12.00 Buy
F3194 1904 Nov 2012 RAILWAY, YORKSHIRE - Actress PPC canc. HULL SORTING TENDER duplex (name and circle clear but poor numeral and bars section). £6.50 Buy
F3196 1839 Nov 2012 BRISTOL - E/L charged 10 to LONDON with oval fr. No.1 R/House of CLIFTON on Obv., 3/line BRISTOL Unfr. dated mileage on Rev., both ***. £12.50 Buy
SE8999 1953 Nov 2012 EDINBURGH, ADHESIVE, REGISTERED - Plain Env. sent REGd. with KGVI 6d slightly o'lapping 2½d Wilding, tied two *** HOPE STREET, EDINBURGH s.r.'s (2 further better strikes on back) a little roughly opened top edge. £5.00 Buy
SE9003 1829 Nov 2012 PERTHSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL, EDINBURGH - E/L (minor edge faults) ex EDINBURGH charged 9½d to EXCISE OFFICER at KENMORE but appears to be endorsed 'MISSENT TO KENMORE' on Obv. with **-*** framed KENMORE (mileage and route erased) across Rev. fold - curious! £20.00 Buy
SE9004 1851 Nov 2012 ROSSSHIRE - E/L (another page missing) with fair blue U/D/C STRATHPEFFER (under DINGWALL) on Obv., from a DAVID MURRAY. £10.00 Buy
SE9005 1827 Nov 2012 CAITHNESS - E/L charged 2/2½d to EDINBURGH with *** WICK 751-E boxed mileage on Rev. (hairline crease and a little o'struck on arrival). £8.00 Buy
E8311 1828 Nov 2012 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, FREE MAIL - E franked 'Chas. Chaplin' sent without charge to SLEAFORD with fair WANSFORD 80 mileage on Rev., no lines struck, filing note well away at edge of cover. Now anyone doing a CHARLIE CHAPLIN thematic might like to stretch the imagination and include this one - its only about a century too early! Offered by previous dealer at £35 in the early 1990s! £15.00 Buy
E2084 1951 Nov 2012 YORKSHIRE, ADHESIVE, FDC - Plain FDC for FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN values, each tied Nr**** HORNSEA/YORKSHIRE d.r's, hand-written local address, few slightly toned perfs on top edge of 4d. £8.00 Buy
SE8990 1859 Nov 2012 SCOTS LOCAL CANCELLATION, ABERDEENSHIRE - Slightly grubby Env. with 1d star tied *** WHITEHOUSE Scots Local Cancellation between lines, the stamp affixed sideways and not quite struck on final couple letters but V.RARE as a cancellation. £195.00 Buy
F3178 1885 Nov 2012 SWEDEN - to 1897 - small group of similar PSPCs (some printed on back) used mainly from STOCKHOLM, each as they come............. £2.00 Buy



a.l.s. = autograph letter signed; E/L = Entire letter; E = Outer cover only, NO LETTER; Env. = Envelope; U/D/C = Un-dated circle, village marking; h/s = handstruck marking; m/s = manuscript marking; s/arc, d/arc = single or double arc date stamp; d.c./d.r. = double circle/ring; s.c./s.r. = single circle/ring.